Thursday, 8 May 2014


I recently heard about the newest app called Jinn, basically, its what we've all been waiting for. A service that you simply say exactly what you want, where you live, and a courier collects and delivers it. It could be anything, anything that isn't normally deliverable in a day or food, or anything your heart desires.

The app is fairly straight forward, enter your details into your profile. You have to sign into the app using a Facebook account but this doesn't go onto your profile or post anything  (phew, I don't want anyone knowing about my need for McDonalds). Then add your phone number so they can text you the details of your order.

You say what you want, where too, then two minutes later receive a confirmation by text and a ETA. With my order I even had an update to say it had been picked up and they were on there way but maybe 10-15 minutes late due to traffic but they were still well within the ETA of 45 mins. Great timing!

Of course, for my first order I went for the delectable Nandos, a student must have revision meal, it was yummy, served hot still and was exactly what I had ordered.

The idea was great, I could still keep studying without a need to have a break to make or go get my lunch and since I accidentally laid in that day, it meant I didn't have a unnecessary break. Perfect for hangovers, students, and offices. I could also juggle work with Total Media media agency whilst having lunch, talk about on the go!
You do have to pay a £5.95 delivery + 10% but this is nothing when its quick, efficient and often something you may have to go far to get and pay travel either way.

You can get the app from the apple store or play store for free! So what you waiting for!

Check out the website here too to find out more!

*Currently this app is only available in Central London boroughs, but I'm sure once this takes off which Im sure it will, will be more widely available.

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