Friday, 27 June 2014


Its been a while since I've touched a glossybox*, and I have to say I look at blog posts every month and get very jealous! Its one of them treats that end up being great when you think its time to cancel your subscription. I tried some brands I loved from previous glossyboxes so was more than happy to try June's box which is all ready to help you with jetting off for a weekend away or catching the sun!

Here's what my box contained! Nail Girls, 3 in 1 base/topcoat and nail strengthener, got2b Rise n Shine souffle, TeezTrend cosmetics beautiful flat stiff brush, Roger and Gallet fleur de figuier discovery ritual shower cream, body lotion and eau fraiche fragrance, So Susan cosmetics Universal blush. 

I'm so pleased with the selection, all great products that I look forward to using fully. The Got2b hair product was confusing at first, but applied to dry hair creates a texture volumised look that smells incredible! I have found Jasmine fragrance is a firm favourite now!

The nail product is such a winner, every girl needs a top/base coat so to have a 3 in 1 is a great product, especially for glossyboxes! The brush is really cute and looks so unique, plus is great quality! The little samples are always a great way to try the range and little perfume vials are great for clutches or purses when you're on a date night to top up without it looking obvious! The universal blush is a unique product too, this claims to work with skin chemistry and nourishes the epidermis to create the universal colour. I have so many blushers but interested to see if this will win pride of place in my makeup bag!

Glossyboxes are just a great way to invest, you cant expect 5 £50 products every time, but to try new brands or see what suits and what doesn't is a great way to spend £10 a month I think!

Subscriptions start at £30 (+P&P) for a three-month subscription, £50 (+P&P) for a six-month subscription and £100 (+P&P) for a twelve-month subscription. The June glossybox is £10 (+P&P) and will be available throughout June 2014 from while stocks last.

*I was given this as a PR Sample.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014


It's nearly fathers day and it felt applicable to mention the newest additions to the Denman range. The Hair Fitness hair brushes and styling accessories are secretly what all men dream of. My disclaimer already is that my poor dad with a big old bald patch wont benefit from these but they are pretty much what all men (with hair) should have. Men steal more beauty products from women than they'd ever let on, and probably care about beauty just as much as women.

Me, mum and grandma have used denman over the years and find they are the best quality for hairbrushes. You can get the right brush for your style, hair and needs which is so rare to come by. Now, men can too.

The Precision Styling brush is a great all rounder, you can use it for any type of hair, its got smooth round ended pins to give gentle styling and easy to grip handle. This is simply the easiest one of the bunch, ideal for the man in your life who probably doesn't want too much fuss but wants results. I believe this one can be used whilst styling with a hairdryer. Deemed great for out of the office to the gym. This is £7.99

The Easy Styling brush is ideal for normal or thinning hair but to smooth or style the hair. You cannot use this one with a hairdryer but again has ultra soft bristles to stimulate and massage the scalp without scratching. Great for those who want an exact style for thinner hair and to use the bristles to promote circulation and encourage growth of the hair. This is only £5.00 what a bargain for those who have to maintain thinner hair!

For the one who doesnt want to show they care, a comb is a best friend. Think, Grease, how cool did Danny look whipping out a comb and pushing his hair back? Well, essentially this could happen. The £2.50 comb infused with carbon fibre makes this comb super sturdy to keep those flyaways at bay, style the hair, and avoid any snagging of the hair which if using product can happen.  An essential for all men to own no matter how much hair or how thick!

You can buy Denman brushes from selected Boots stores!

Monday, 9 June 2014


Living in London has always been pricy, but it was when I moved here back in September that I realised how drastic it can change you're life just because of costs. I'm from Suffolk, from a very quiet town where things are of a normal price, we have a few supermarkets, I shopped in the basic shops and rarely needed to travel out of town everyday.

Moving to London changed it all. I moved to Islington in September and am a university student here too. I currently am finishing up living in Halls of Residence, which if you're unaware of the label is living in a building in small 'flats' with groups of people. Theres around 200 people living in my halls, I live in a flat with five people and we share a kitchen. I have my own room and ensuite, albeit a small one and cook for myself. I currently afford where I live which is probably the most central I could be to London if I tried, with my student loan. Which I am extremely lucky to have, because without I would not be able to afford living in London by any means. Living in halls is around £200+ a week, which for a bedroom, is stupid amounts. Therefore I see very little of my student loan and have to be self sufficient within myself and my family to afford items like food, living and just having a life to be honest.

I had a job which got me essentially 'pocket money' which got me clothes and money to spend during my birthday or for christmas. Unfortunately I've just quit the job I had, which was in L'Occitane as I am moving in three weeks to Essex. Yes, me, an Essex girl, reem isnt it? No.. Lisa, never say that again.

The job was great, I was working on Bond Street, how great is that! But knowing I could not afford to live in London again next university year was financially straining on commuting for my job, so I left. As someone who takes pride in working, I have done so since I was fifteen and supported myself financially as much as I've always been possible to do so, it sucks not working. I mean time off is great, but I have to be productive, hence why my blog will probably be a busy thing!

I was planning to have a flat with a few girls and be able to afford London, however, others could not afford to do so with me. So many of my university friends are commuting for up to an hour each way. Luckily for me, my commute will be a 30 minute train straight to London and I will be living a road away from my nearest train station in Essex.

My new flat is beautiful, and at the price I'm renting for, you'd never get anything nice for the money in London on your own. Thats the issue, for roughly £750-850 you can barely touch a nice normal flat in London on your own. On your own you get a pitiful bedsit. So I've decided to live on my own for the summer and get a flatmate as soon as I can to cover some costs.

Its a brave choice but having my own flat will be a new adventure as I love having the independence and freedom. However, to anyone thinking of moving to London for university, just get a plan ready as soon as you can when you hit first year, you'll be thinking about it way sooner than you realise and it will be a big shock to the system trying to be adult and dealing with big scary estate agents.

London is the dream city, it will be a place I know well, but I'm glad to say my new home will be in the quieter roots of Essex, and my days spent in Islington university.

Saturday, 7 June 2014


It sells every three seconds around the world! L'Occitane's Shea Butter hand cream has been one of its staple products from their neutral range. The French company has 100% natural products and all organic so perfect for my current craving for natural products, I swear I see a huge difference in natural products on my skin.

I recently worked for the company, but no longer do however you only have to look back at posts a few years ago to see that I've been in love with this hand cream for years. Ever since my Grandma introduced me to the company, you'll be sure to find one of these hand creams in my collection.

The thick white cream smells amazing, it reminds me of my Grandma as she swears by it too, it has a shea scent but this is very neutral and is technically fragrance free. Its a clean scent that has 20% shea in it. To moisturise the hands there is also honey and almond extract with coconut oil to create the hand cream.

The rich texture sinks in soo quickly and doesn't leave any residue.  I hate the dry hand feeling and love topping this up. If you purchase a 150ml for £19 you're set for months! These tubes last for ages!! If you need a handbag size too for travels like myself they are 30ml for £8 too. So technically buying a larger size is more cost effective but sometimes they're just too big!

I really love this hand cream, there isn't one that compares by any means, it softens the hands, improves my nails intensely, any dry skin around my nails or bad cuticles are rescued within a day with applications of this. A wonderful product that I could not recommend enough! 

Friday, 6 June 2014


In my life, many of my friends and people I know in a sunny situation say; 'I don't burn, I tan' or 'I burn but it turns to tan.' Hands up, we've probably said it. I am not going to say I've never got burnt either, because on both my arms I have severe burn lines from last year where I didn't wear lotion and burnt my arms so badly it looks like a strong first degree burn and that has scarred my arms still a year on.

But this year, I don't want that to happen again, I'm sick of burning, having odd tan lines and hurting my skin. I'm only nineteen and have many moles on my skin due to being fair. With cancer being such a devastating but such a sadly common illness now its important to tackle something if its something you can do actions to prevent. Its so easy to be fooled by the weather, especially in England. First sight of anything above 18 degree's, the seaside is rammed and the BBQ's are on!

So here's how to make sun protection easy! BUY A SUN LOTION THAT SUITS YOU. This sounds really obvious, but over the years my parents or I have bought sun lotions that are sticky, greasy or don't work, smell funny or just plain not nice. This year, living my own, I had to choose. It was a tough choice, there are a LOT of choices. Personally, I prefer Nivea as it smells lovely, sinks in easily and isn't tacky. Piz Buin is also another similar lotion but a bit pricier brand and Garnier is normally a winner, great for young children.

NEVER BUY UNDER FACTOR 30.  This sounds very strong of me to say, and I am no way a skincare consultant so cannot make this a fact. However, I personally think when the sun is strong, which in England its either strong or non existent, anything less than 30 stills puts you at risk of burning, unless you apply every few hours. Which when we're out when do we often do that? I use 50 most often, and have 30 as a everyday alternative. I then use a 15 to continually top up throughout the day when I have a 50 on to keep any risk at bay.

POUNDLAND SUN LOTION DOESNT COUNT.  This is a random comment, I know, but I was made aware Poundland sell sun lotion, but its minimal, obviously for £1 you wont get a high quality product there, especially when some of the lotions on sale are around an 5, 8 or 10 spf which simply isn't enough in high temperatures. Many will use the lowest SPF's/ Factors to counteract the idea of burning, just because you have something on, doesn't mean its doing any good.

WE CAN ALL GET BURNT. The point of this post is that we've all been guilty of believing we don't get burnt, or burn will turn to tan. Everyone can get burnt and we all need to be careful, we have one skin, and I've learnt myself that the tan lines that have stayed for a year now even affected me when I wore vest tops or dresses and I had a funny line on my arm even in winter. No one wants damage that could so easily be prevented. So always apply the lotion when you can and know you should! £5 for a bottle each summer could save you big time in the future!

Now, come out of hiding, we're all guilty of it, lets do something about it!

Tuesday, 3 June 2014


Sometimes your skin can errupt, go crazy and have one of them melt down moments when you least expect it. Rarely can you find products that get the skin back to basics and provide that start over that sometimes you need. However, now you can. Simple is simply all you need (pun, totally intended.)

A few months ago I picked up these two products from Simple, their Deep Cleansing Face Mask and the Smoothing Facial Scrub. I've used Simple's Cleanser and Toner systems before and their moisturisers are as easy going as they come. No fuss and does the job, so picking up these two products I knew I'd be in for a treat. 

Above you can see the swatch of the Face Mask. This deep cleansing face mask is one of my favourite mask textures I've ever come across. There is no drying effect about it, no tight feeling or any temperature change its just a thick creamy mask. You apply this in a relatively thick layer, I normally focus more thickly on the T Zone area and then allow this to work its magic for up to 10 minutes. You then wash the mask off like you would any other and the thinner layers will of sunk into the skin but make sure you still wash them off. I tend to use a muslin cloth as these are super easy to take mask off and then wash away. Skin feels super clean, soft and not at all tight. My flat mate was suffering with a few spots a month ago, I gave her this mask and she loved it and it helped her too! The best part is that all skin types can use this so you know it will get you the results you need.

The scrub is my ultimate favourite, this lightweight gel style scrub has barely any gritty bits in it as you can see above, it has just enough gentle exfoliant to take dead skin cells away without being abrasive or damaging the skin. I like to use this once or twice a week and take dry patches away. I get a few often if I wear my thicker foundations or have been commuting far. This is just so gentle and provides a perfect canvas for moisturiser or makeup. Cannot recommend this enough as it just does exactly what it says it does, and for that you cannot ask for anymore!

The Scrub is only £3.29 from boots here [LINK] and the mask is only £3.99 here [LINK] and is currently on 3 for 2 at Boots, so you can try out another product or stock up on your favourites!

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