Friday, 6 June 2014


In my life, many of my friends and people I know in a sunny situation say; 'I don't burn, I tan' or 'I burn but it turns to tan.' Hands up, we've probably said it. I am not going to say I've never got burnt either, because on both my arms I have severe burn lines from last year where I didn't wear lotion and burnt my arms so badly it looks like a strong first degree burn and that has scarred my arms still a year on.

But this year, I don't want that to happen again, I'm sick of burning, having odd tan lines and hurting my skin. I'm only nineteen and have many moles on my skin due to being fair. With cancer being such a devastating but such a sadly common illness now its important to tackle something if its something you can do actions to prevent. Its so easy to be fooled by the weather, especially in England. First sight of anything above 18 degree's, the seaside is rammed and the BBQ's are on!

So here's how to make sun protection easy! BUY A SUN LOTION THAT SUITS YOU. This sounds really obvious, but over the years my parents or I have bought sun lotions that are sticky, greasy or don't work, smell funny or just plain not nice. This year, living my own, I had to choose. It was a tough choice, there are a LOT of choices. Personally, I prefer Nivea as it smells lovely, sinks in easily and isn't tacky. Piz Buin is also another similar lotion but a bit pricier brand and Garnier is normally a winner, great for young children.

NEVER BUY UNDER FACTOR 30.  This sounds very strong of me to say, and I am no way a skincare consultant so cannot make this a fact. However, I personally think when the sun is strong, which in England its either strong or non existent, anything less than 30 stills puts you at risk of burning, unless you apply every few hours. Which when we're out when do we often do that? I use 50 most often, and have 30 as a everyday alternative. I then use a 15 to continually top up throughout the day when I have a 50 on to keep any risk at bay.

POUNDLAND SUN LOTION DOESNT COUNT.  This is a random comment, I know, but I was made aware Poundland sell sun lotion, but its minimal, obviously for £1 you wont get a high quality product there, especially when some of the lotions on sale are around an 5, 8 or 10 spf which simply isn't enough in high temperatures. Many will use the lowest SPF's/ Factors to counteract the idea of burning, just because you have something on, doesn't mean its doing any good.

WE CAN ALL GET BURNT. The point of this post is that we've all been guilty of believing we don't get burnt, or burn will turn to tan. Everyone can get burnt and we all need to be careful, we have one skin, and I've learnt myself that the tan lines that have stayed for a year now even affected me when I wore vest tops or dresses and I had a funny line on my arm even in winter. No one wants damage that could so easily be prevented. So always apply the lotion when you can and know you should! £5 for a bottle each summer could save you big time in the future!

Now, come out of hiding, we're all guilty of it, lets do something about it!

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