Wednesday, 11 June 2014


It's nearly fathers day and it felt applicable to mention the newest additions to the Denman range. The Hair Fitness hair brushes and styling accessories are secretly what all men dream of. My disclaimer already is that my poor dad with a big old bald patch wont benefit from these but they are pretty much what all men (with hair) should have. Men steal more beauty products from women than they'd ever let on, and probably care about beauty just as much as women.

Me, mum and grandma have used denman over the years and find they are the best quality for hairbrushes. You can get the right brush for your style, hair and needs which is so rare to come by. Now, men can too.

The Precision Styling brush is a great all rounder, you can use it for any type of hair, its got smooth round ended pins to give gentle styling and easy to grip handle. This is simply the easiest one of the bunch, ideal for the man in your life who probably doesn't want too much fuss but wants results. I believe this one can be used whilst styling with a hairdryer. Deemed great for out of the office to the gym. This is £7.99

The Easy Styling brush is ideal for normal or thinning hair but to smooth or style the hair. You cannot use this one with a hairdryer but again has ultra soft bristles to stimulate and massage the scalp without scratching. Great for those who want an exact style for thinner hair and to use the bristles to promote circulation and encourage growth of the hair. This is only £5.00 what a bargain for those who have to maintain thinner hair!

For the one who doesnt want to show they care, a comb is a best friend. Think, Grease, how cool did Danny look whipping out a comb and pushing his hair back? Well, essentially this could happen. The £2.50 comb infused with carbon fibre makes this comb super sturdy to keep those flyaways at bay, style the hair, and avoid any snagging of the hair which if using product can happen.  An essential for all men to own no matter how much hair or how thick!

You can buy Denman brushes from selected Boots stores!

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