Monday, 9 June 2014


Living in London has always been pricy, but it was when I moved here back in September that I realised how drastic it can change you're life just because of costs. I'm from Suffolk, from a very quiet town where things are of a normal price, we have a few supermarkets, I shopped in the basic shops and rarely needed to travel out of town everyday.

Moving to London changed it all. I moved to Islington in September and am a university student here too. I currently am finishing up living in Halls of Residence, which if you're unaware of the label is living in a building in small 'flats' with groups of people. Theres around 200 people living in my halls, I live in a flat with five people and we share a kitchen. I have my own room and ensuite, albeit a small one and cook for myself. I currently afford where I live which is probably the most central I could be to London if I tried, with my student loan. Which I am extremely lucky to have, because without I would not be able to afford living in London by any means. Living in halls is around £200+ a week, which for a bedroom, is stupid amounts. Therefore I see very little of my student loan and have to be self sufficient within myself and my family to afford items like food, living and just having a life to be honest.

I had a job which got me essentially 'pocket money' which got me clothes and money to spend during my birthday or for christmas. Unfortunately I've just quit the job I had, which was in L'Occitane as I am moving in three weeks to Essex. Yes, me, an Essex girl, reem isnt it? No.. Lisa, never say that again.

The job was great, I was working on Bond Street, how great is that! But knowing I could not afford to live in London again next university year was financially straining on commuting for my job, so I left. As someone who takes pride in working, I have done so since I was fifteen and supported myself financially as much as I've always been possible to do so, it sucks not working. I mean time off is great, but I have to be productive, hence why my blog will probably be a busy thing!

I was planning to have a flat with a few girls and be able to afford London, however, others could not afford to do so with me. So many of my university friends are commuting for up to an hour each way. Luckily for me, my commute will be a 30 minute train straight to London and I will be living a road away from my nearest train station in Essex.

My new flat is beautiful, and at the price I'm renting for, you'd never get anything nice for the money in London on your own. Thats the issue, for roughly £750-850 you can barely touch a nice normal flat in London on your own. On your own you get a pitiful bedsit. So I've decided to live on my own for the summer and get a flatmate as soon as I can to cover some costs.

Its a brave choice but having my own flat will be a new adventure as I love having the independence and freedom. However, to anyone thinking of moving to London for university, just get a plan ready as soon as you can when you hit first year, you'll be thinking about it way sooner than you realise and it will be a big shock to the system trying to be adult and dealing with big scary estate agents.

London is the dream city, it will be a place I know well, but I'm glad to say my new home will be in the quieter roots of Essex, and my days spent in Islington university.

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