Wednesday, 30 July 2014


Books are worth every feeling, I love spending hours in book shops deciding on a book. I love knowing that the font is to my liking and that the paper feels new and getting a glimpse at the book itself. Yet, about two years ago now I bought a Kindle. The kindle is great yet only this week did I find I have found where the downfall hits.

The other day I bought a book called 'The List' a rather funny female book about naughty challenges, all I'll say is don't read if you're under 18, but its been a great read and was great to pick up just on my way in a train station. However, I paid £7.99 for a paperback of this book.

I was getting bored of trying to track down kindle books to find they're rubbish anyway and there was a reason why they were so cheap, atleast in book stores the best seller section is normally on form and they don't sell just any old submitted book. 

I decided to see how much The List was on Kindle. Que anger. It was only 98p... £7 cheaper than a paperback, and also in paperback from amazon its only £3.50. How cheated do I feel, because I turn back my pages I cant return my book either. Gutted.

To save £7 would of been impressive and when there was no real reason is such a shame, but you can see why people worry about books. Theres no need to make books either expensive or kindle ones so much cheaper, just make them the same price or a little different then people can choose which they prefer on terms of ease and connivence not the price. Clearly printing a book is more expensive than a download however, this is ridiculous. 

I hate to look at other books I've bought that would not be pennies. Kindle is great, I've read so many great books on it, the battery lasts for ages, you can download samples to see if you'd enjoy it and theres lots of cheap books granted. Yet, I love having a book, its great when you don't want to look at yet another screen or sit on transport with another piece of technology that you could lose damage etc. 

Its sad to see how different the times have changed with books, I pray magazines dont become so ridiculous with turning online. I love a good magazine!

Have you found this happen to you? Are you a kindle lover or book spender?

Monday, 28 July 2014


This month has flown by and finally we're seeing some summer sun! The products I've been enjoying the most this month are to do with the hotter weather because who doesn't love some bright colours and easy to wear items!

I've been using my Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation more this month as its a lot more lightweight compared to Estee Lauder double wear and also contains a SPF so this is a perfect alternative to heavy foundations. My skin is finally on its way to being spot free and completely soft without silly dry patches, so this works perfectly. I just love the fact its a great alternative between a heavy foundation and a tinted moisturiser.

To compliment the lighter foundation I do find by 3pm the afternoon shine sets in, yes we all know the one, so my trusty MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural gets a dusting just over my t-zone to counteract the shiny forehead and nose and keeps me looking fresh till the end of the day. The skinfinish has a slight sheen to it, in that its not matte, not glittery or shimmery in anyway but gives a nice finish to the skin that looks healthy without being matte and unnatural looking.

Another MAC product I've gone back to is the MAC Select Cover Up Concealer in NC20. This concealer is one I've had for a while and when my beloved Bo-ing ran out I went back to this simply as it was all I had and there was no need to buy a new one. As a blogger its so easy to repurchase or buy something new but I bet we all have a billion things that can easily suffice another! This is a great concealer and does the job of concealing dark circles and sometimes around my nose, luckily I have no spots at the moment so haven't needed to use it on them but no grumbles, just damn well works!

My favourite blushers I own all are in this palette by Sleek. The Sleek Makeup Pink Lemonade Blush by 3 Blusher Palette is such a beautiful versatile compact. With three on trend and easy to wear pinks, with the middle being a creme blush these are just my go to everyday blush. These last all day long and have beautiful pigmentation and sheen to them. I alternate everyday which to use as they all compliment any look but for £9.99 these are great to have in your makeup bag and come with a fairly big mirror too!

Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze is one I've spoken about dozens of times but is just a beautiful colour, I've been wearing this all over the lid and saves me 5 minutes of faffing and blending other eyeshadows. The lazy person shadow, I admit, but its beauty and saves me time. I need more of these for summer, a big fan of creme eyeshadows because they just give glam and the look of effort without much thought!

Rimmel London's Kate Moss Lipstick in 101 is a gorgeous everyday pink, very similar to Angel by MAC but at a 1/4 of the price, these lipsticks are fairly matte yet creamy in formula, a very different lipstick texture but enjoyable nonetheless. This was under £5 and a beautiful everyday colour, I do find my lips need to be very moisturised but this is just a great quality lipstick, and I love the packaging!

I've recently just finished some time at Bourjois makeup's PR team doing some work experience, and was a lot of fun. One of the colours I received was this gorgeous peach. This So Laque Glossy Nail Polish in 14, Pamplerousse is gorgeous. Such a summery colour which only took minutes to apply and looks effortlessly shiny too. What I'm most impressed with, and shamefully my boyfriend was too is that even on day 4 these haven't chipped. I'm notorious for chipped nails, I don't do it on purpose, but so many of my colours chip, whether its just wear and tear or a bad nail polish. But these haven't worn at all, and my boyfriend always comments on it saying its much nicer to see a good manicure so full marks there!

Lastly, is a scent! I rarely talk about scents but this is worth a mention. The Ted Baker Body Spray which is what I'm guessing to be the original scent, or to do with butterflies, is beautiful. I don't normally like body sprays but in the summer these are great, especially water ones, not aerosol. They are refreshing and give you a boost of fragrance especially when hot. This spray has bergamot, red fruit and patchouli in the notes, it smells expensive and glorious and just very girly with the hint of musk. I love it and if you like scents like Just Pink and maybe Britney perfumes this is a beautiful one to have in your handbag for touchups.

What have you been loving this month? Any summer essentials?

Monday, 21 July 2014


Since I moved into a new home I thought a home ware haul was well over due, so here's some bits I've picked up from Ikea, supermarkets and Next! Hope you enjoy and let me know if you want to see anymore videos or any requests you have!


The scent of rose is something I had long forgotten and yet it brings back so many memories. When opening a pot of cult classic Pond's Institute Cold Cream* the smell of rose just relaxes me.  The cream that started it all off dates back to 1907 so was very excited to see what makes this a long lasting classic. As well as the cold cream I have been using the Eye Contour Cream* which compliments the cold cream perfectly!

The Cold Cream isn't cold at all, but a luscious thick white cream that has the texture of a balm. Although this is not a balm cleanser the cream when applied to the skin goes thinner in texture and spreads over the skin easily to rub in without sinking in too much. I just use a small amount on the tip of my finger and then spread this over my face and use a little more when wearing heavier makeup. Carefully this can be used over the eyes too, and easily removes all traces of makeup! I was shocked to see how well this worked. I'm used to Cleanse and Polish yet this makes the removal of makeup so relaxing and luxurious. I take a muslin cloth and remove the cream with a hot cloth yet you can use cotton wool if you prefer. Water makes you feel more fresh, I feel.

The Cold Cream (£4.57rrp) is not just a cleanser though! This amazing cream is multi use and can be used as a moisturiser, perfect for those with super dry skin especially after too much sun exposure or cold climates. It is also a perfect face mask which applied thicker than when cleansing can be left for ten minutes to reveal super supple skin! You can also use this as a hand cream, highlighter and also a eyebrow tamer. The possibilities are endless and you'll be surprised how little you need of the cream despite appearances.  Makeup artists and celebrities alike love this cream such as Kylie and Binky from MIC.

The Eye Contour Cream* is quite unique, this fragrance free eye cream is for the contour area which personally is a great way to sell this cream. Eye creams shouldn't be applied too close to the eye so to say its for the contour means people will apply it correctly! This really simple eye cream contains Vitamins A, E and B5 to improve skin structure and hydrate the area. I've seen noticeable reducing of dark circles and puffiness which I often have in the morning and late evening, this is just a lightweight cream that is easy to apply. You only need a small rice size for both eyes and it is simply working! I'm really enjoying this eye cream! At £7.99rrp this is a complete steal and am very impressed! As much as I love the rose scent, I'm glad my eyes don't smell of rose too!

This cult classic with additions to the brand such as moisturisers for the skin type you require and the eye cream can be found in Boots, Superdrug and Sainsbury's stores and online at .

Products with a * are PR Samples

Thursday, 17 July 2014


Living in a new home, I can officially say I have a kitchen. I've been really into cooking recently, creating a home cooked meal from scratch and making a good job of it and it turning out super yummy is the best feeling! I feel like such a housewife but I'm really enjoying it. As a student I'm always looking for ways to create food that can be frozen and reheated at a later day to save time and money!

Today I bring you a super easy chilli, I did the maths or my calculator did and this meal is around 300 cals (without rice) and with still only under 400 which is perfect for a dinner meal if you're not looking to especially diet but eat well.  Which I think is how I like to eat, in moderation of certain foods and aim to eat a balanced diet.

I've been known to set a fire alarm off whilst cooking pancakes and stir fry's so heres a how a easy how to, for even the not so smart cook's like myself!

500g Lean Beef Mince
Schwartz Chilli Recipe Mix  
1 tin of Chopped Tomatoes 
1 tin of Kidney Beans
125ml Water (1/4 of a pint roughly)

Optional: Rice or Garlic Bread

COOK THE MINCE. If planning on making a meal that can be saved for leftovers use all of your pack of mince, cook this until all of the pink is brown essentially!

ADD THE TOMATOES, SPICE AND WATER TO THE MINCE. Add all of these allow this to come to the boil and stir occasionally.

WASH THE KIDNEY BEANS AND ADD TO THE POT. Washing these takes the starch off and will add to the mix at just the right time.

ALLOW TO COME TO THE BOIL AND STIR OCCASIONALLY. Cover with lid when at the boil and allow to simmer for 15-20 minutes. At the half way mark start cooking rice if this is going to be part of your meal.

WHEN FINISHED YOU SHOULD HAVE A LARGE POT OF HOT COOKED CHILLI. I would use a fork and cool it to taste and found it was ready after just 15 minutes on a medium to high heat.


As you can see, I made way too big a portion, but luckily the rest of the contents in the pot was cooled and saved and made dinner when we didnt have time to cook a big meal. It went down a treat then too which was great! I'd say this meal cooks for at least 4 people.

How do you like my recipe posts? Do let me know if they're helpful, I know I could of done with some really simple meals when I started uni!

Sunday, 6 July 2014


I'm now an Essex gal! I've moved to Essex on my next adventure of student life. I've moved here because London is ridiculously expensive for a normal budget and I really wanted some comforts. I am renting a 2 bed flat in the West of Essex and I love it. The town has all the shops I need, I live really close to a train station that goes straight to London and I can also go back to the homeland in Suffolk really easily too!
My hair has got so long!
I love having my own area to live in, I've become such a clean freak in the process. My bedroom is just that, its a room with a bed and my clothes. Its so clutter free at the moment its such a change from my bedroom back home and my old halls room which was my bedroom and living quarters in one go.

I have a gorgeous little kitchen and lounge in one and have bought lots of homely bits to make it mine! I'm so excited to have this new home and am loving the space I have to blog in and think about starting up youtube properly. I have white walls, and cream carpets, my dream colours! I love white open spaces and expect really exciting interior, cooking and homely posts coming up, and you guessed it all on a student budget!

The best part is I have a great view of the town park which even has its own petting zoo which I didn't know it had until a Sunday stroll! How cute! Found some gorgeous little animals and they say petting animals is a great stress reliever, so will be going there the next exam season!

I hope you'll enjoy the posts which will come in good time according to my mobile internet dongle! Trying to be an adult and sort bills and internet is scary stuff! However, I cant wait for this new journey!

If you have any youtube video requests, do let me know! I will get them up when I can (or pop in the nearby pub and borrow some wifi!) 

Saturday, 5 July 2014


Last night, we headed down to London Fields to check out the newest but most famous Japanese street snack that has set up a pop up restaurant to bring these snacks to the UK.

The business owned by Mike Tsang and Tet Ogino, two friends who bought these dishes to a London street market are successfully bringing this new delicacy to London Feilds. The guys were super kind and were rushing around quickly producing these dishes. Before our meal arrived we tried the two cocktails a Mojito (my favourite) and a Martini, set to compliment the food. Which they definitely did!

Cocktails were bought from the bar and then the musubi ordered through the chefs who need little space to create the little dishes! The best bar snack I've seen thats for sure. I asked Mike and Tet about their future plans on expanding considering they started in February, they're already expanding with a pop up! They would love to create a restaurant yet are currently testing the experience of a new location and the possibility of new menu options. The pop up meant they could also supply side dishes which they do not normally do.

Each musubi is lovingly hand-made using quality ingredients, creating gourmet flavours such as slow-braised ginger beef and three day salt cured salmon. Mr Musubi trades every Saturday at Broadway Market, serving ice cream mochi (sweet rice desserts filled with gelato ice cream) alongside their musubi.

We tried one of each, so there was beef, which I have to say was amazing and my favourite, I was worried I wouldn't like the salmon but I found it super yummy, same with the mushroom which I never eat either. I found these just perfect as a filler food, not necessary a full on meal but definitely a good after work snack with a few drinks! The parcels are covered in seaweed to be held and contain sticky rice. Again, I normally dislike sticky rice especially Yo Sushi's yet I loved this.

We also got two of the dips, a sweet chilli mayo and a sesame dip which complimented the food amazingly, all handmade and so flavoursome!

The sides were an omelette which mike explained is layered and cooked really uniquely which I found really interesting as us english rarely wrap a omelette especially in a bite size piece!  Then I love peas like this and these were super yummy!

I'd love to see how the business takes off, I think the idea is great and the food is so freshly done that its a real winner! I'd love to see them open a restaurant with more menu options!

For more info check out the links below!

Pop up restaurant open 03 July - 27 July 2014

Off Broadway cocktail bar, 63-65 Broadway Market, London E8 4PH

Mon, Thu-Fri 7-10pm

Sat 6-10pm

Sun 1-4pm

Tues-Wed closed

*I was given the meal to try as a press sample yet paid for drinks.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014


I've decided now I've got the space and time, I'm back on youtube! I've started my first video with a Get Ready with Me video of my everyday makeup and then the next video will be a Homewares Haul from Ikea and supermarkets!

I'd love it if you could check out my first video, subscribe ready for more videos and let me know of any requests you have? Would you like to see a flat tour or some vlogs? Do let me know!

Tuesday, 1 July 2014


If you follow me on twitter you'll know that I've finally moved into my new flat! NO MORE HALLS OF RESIDENCE OR STUDENT ACCOMMODATION YAY! I'm planning on doing a flat tour soon when its all completely ready and will do a post explaining what I'm doing in my own flat but for now I thought I'd show a little lifestyle post for you and thats putting empty boxes to good use!

I recently received a glossybox which I'm sure every beauty blogger owns a couple of these boxes, and decided to put it to use to store my stationary. I use the box as well as the lid to store all my pens and notebooks.

In the bigger box I have my note pads which I use for essays as these are great to write quotes on or reference quickly when planning my essays for university. I also have my staples paperclips, a pencil case with postit's, and washi tapes. In the pot is my coloured fineliners which are great. Most of the stationary you see in this box is from Viking Stationary which I reviewed here [LINK].

In the thinner box which is the lid, I have my felt pens, yes I still use Berol broad makers, these were everyone's favourite at school and are great quality pens. Perfect for revision posters and just look atheistically pleasing too! My highlighters and pens that I still have left which some how I've used them all up are in a Cath Kidston mug and my note it's and hole punch are here too. I have my write journal in the back, this is such a pretty journal which I got from Paperchase a while back. All the pages are printed with different papers.

This sets all my stationary needs and most used items out, also a great place to keep my stamps and any important pieces I need straight in view on my windowsill. It looks decorative and colourful with all the pens too!

I love glossyboxes they are just so damn useful for organisation, previously I used them for storing nail polishes, spare products, sample sachets, paperwork. You name it you can organise anything in them!

How do you store your stationary? Do you just keep pens around or do you have a bit of an obsession like me?

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