Wednesday, 30 July 2014


Books are worth every feeling, I love spending hours in book shops deciding on a book. I love knowing that the font is to my liking and that the paper feels new and getting a glimpse at the book itself. Yet, about two years ago now I bought a Kindle. The kindle is great yet only this week did I find I have found where the downfall hits.

The other day I bought a book called 'The List' a rather funny female book about naughty challenges, all I'll say is don't read if you're under 18, but its been a great read and was great to pick up just on my way in a train station. However, I paid £7.99 for a paperback of this book.

I was getting bored of trying to track down kindle books to find they're rubbish anyway and there was a reason why they were so cheap, atleast in book stores the best seller section is normally on form and they don't sell just any old submitted book. 

I decided to see how much The List was on Kindle. Que anger. It was only 98p... £7 cheaper than a paperback, and also in paperback from amazon its only £3.50. How cheated do I feel, because I turn back my pages I cant return my book either. Gutted.

To save £7 would of been impressive and when there was no real reason is such a shame, but you can see why people worry about books. Theres no need to make books either expensive or kindle ones so much cheaper, just make them the same price or a little different then people can choose which they prefer on terms of ease and connivence not the price. Clearly printing a book is more expensive than a download however, this is ridiculous. 

I hate to look at other books I've bought that would not be pennies. Kindle is great, I've read so many great books on it, the battery lasts for ages, you can download samples to see if you'd enjoy it and theres lots of cheap books granted. Yet, I love having a book, its great when you don't want to look at yet another screen or sit on transport with another piece of technology that you could lose damage etc. 

Its sad to see how different the times have changed with books, I pray magazines dont become so ridiculous with turning online. I love a good magazine!

Have you found this happen to you? Are you a kindle lover or book spender?

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