Saturday, 5 July 2014


Last night, we headed down to London Fields to check out the newest but most famous Japanese street snack that has set up a pop up restaurant to bring these snacks to the UK.

The business owned by Mike Tsang and Tet Ogino, two friends who bought these dishes to a London street market are successfully bringing this new delicacy to London Feilds. The guys were super kind and were rushing around quickly producing these dishes. Before our meal arrived we tried the two cocktails a Mojito (my favourite) and a Martini, set to compliment the food. Which they definitely did!

Cocktails were bought from the bar and then the musubi ordered through the chefs who need little space to create the little dishes! The best bar snack I've seen thats for sure. I asked Mike and Tet about their future plans on expanding considering they started in February, they're already expanding with a pop up! They would love to create a restaurant yet are currently testing the experience of a new location and the possibility of new menu options. The pop up meant they could also supply side dishes which they do not normally do.

Each musubi is lovingly hand-made using quality ingredients, creating gourmet flavours such as slow-braised ginger beef and three day salt cured salmon. Mr Musubi trades every Saturday at Broadway Market, serving ice cream mochi (sweet rice desserts filled with gelato ice cream) alongside their musubi.

We tried one of each, so there was beef, which I have to say was amazing and my favourite, I was worried I wouldn't like the salmon but I found it super yummy, same with the mushroom which I never eat either. I found these just perfect as a filler food, not necessary a full on meal but definitely a good after work snack with a few drinks! The parcels are covered in seaweed to be held and contain sticky rice. Again, I normally dislike sticky rice especially Yo Sushi's yet I loved this.

We also got two of the dips, a sweet chilli mayo and a sesame dip which complimented the food amazingly, all handmade and so flavoursome!

The sides were an omelette which mike explained is layered and cooked really uniquely which I found really interesting as us english rarely wrap a omelette especially in a bite size piece!  Then I love peas like this and these were super yummy!

I'd love to see how the business takes off, I think the idea is great and the food is so freshly done that its a real winner! I'd love to see them open a restaurant with more menu options!

For more info check out the links below!

Pop up restaurant open 03 July - 27 July 2014

Off Broadway cocktail bar, 63-65 Broadway Market, London E8 4PH

Mon, Thu-Fri 7-10pm

Sat 6-10pm

Sun 1-4pm

Tues-Wed closed

*I was given the meal to try as a press sample yet paid for drinks.

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