Sunday, 6 July 2014


I'm now an Essex gal! I've moved to Essex on my next adventure of student life. I've moved here because London is ridiculously expensive for a normal budget and I really wanted some comforts. I am renting a 2 bed flat in the West of Essex and I love it. The town has all the shops I need, I live really close to a train station that goes straight to London and I can also go back to the homeland in Suffolk really easily too!
My hair has got so long!
I love having my own area to live in, I've become such a clean freak in the process. My bedroom is just that, its a room with a bed and my clothes. Its so clutter free at the moment its such a change from my bedroom back home and my old halls room which was my bedroom and living quarters in one go.

I have a gorgeous little kitchen and lounge in one and have bought lots of homely bits to make it mine! I'm so excited to have this new home and am loving the space I have to blog in and think about starting up youtube properly. I have white walls, and cream carpets, my dream colours! I love white open spaces and expect really exciting interior, cooking and homely posts coming up, and you guessed it all on a student budget!

The best part is I have a great view of the town park which even has its own petting zoo which I didn't know it had until a Sunday stroll! How cute! Found some gorgeous little animals and they say petting animals is a great stress reliever, so will be going there the next exam season!

I hope you'll enjoy the posts which will come in good time according to my mobile internet dongle! Trying to be an adult and sort bills and internet is scary stuff! However, I cant wait for this new journey!

If you have any youtube video requests, do let me know! I will get them up when I can (or pop in the nearby pub and borrow some wifi!) 

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