Tuesday, 1 July 2014


If you follow me on twitter you'll know that I've finally moved into my new flat! NO MORE HALLS OF RESIDENCE OR STUDENT ACCOMMODATION YAY! I'm planning on doing a flat tour soon when its all completely ready and will do a post explaining what I'm doing in my own flat but for now I thought I'd show a little lifestyle post for you and thats putting empty boxes to good use!

I recently received a glossybox which I'm sure every beauty blogger owns a couple of these boxes, and decided to put it to use to store my stationary. I use the box as well as the lid to store all my pens and notebooks.

In the bigger box I have my note pads which I use for essays as these are great to write quotes on or reference quickly when planning my essays for university. I also have my staples paperclips, a pencil case with postit's, and washi tapes. In the pot is my coloured fineliners which are great. Most of the stationary you see in this box is from Viking Stationary which I reviewed here [LINK].

In the thinner box which is the lid, I have my felt pens, yes I still use Berol broad makers, these were everyone's favourite at school and are great quality pens. Perfect for revision posters and just look atheistically pleasing too! My highlighters and pens that I still have left which some how I've used them all up are in a Cath Kidston mug and my note it's and hole punch are here too. I have my write journal in the back, this is such a pretty journal which I got from Paperchase a while back. All the pages are printed with different papers.

This sets all my stationary needs and most used items out, also a great place to keep my stamps and any important pieces I need straight in view on my windowsill. It looks decorative and colourful with all the pens too!

I love glossyboxes they are just so damn useful for organisation, previously I used them for storing nail polishes, spare products, sample sachets, paperwork. You name it you can organise anything in them!

How do you store your stationary? Do you just keep pens around or do you have a bit of an obsession like me?

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