Sunday, 31 August 2014



Its got cold and although I refuse to give in to hoodies just yet considering I'll be holiday when you read this post (the joy of scheduling) I already have my eye on some Autumnal goodies. Autumn/Winter fashion is my favourite, summer is so basic and I love layering up, my wardrobe suits it so much better. I love knits, skirts with tights and boots, I own so many boots!

I'm desperate for a superdry jacket, they're so versatile and great quality. I need a jacket that will keep me warm waiting for trains in the winter when I commute but something that is fairly lightweight to carry around university as uni blasts the heat like no bodies got a bill to pay! Although a bit more than I'd normally pay, for the quality its a good investment.

Admittedly I only wear heels on evenings out, these Debenhams heels are the most comfortable, beautiful shoes ever. I felt like Snow White in these and they're just the right height. Heels are such a luxury to buy as I never wear them everyday, but these could change that. I love them so much but am tempted to wait till they're in the sale.

The shawls New Look are featuring are great for autumn as they'll keep you warm and covered up without being over loaded, I'm desperate for one of these!

Finally, the most boring edition is a grey t-shirt, its not just grey, the idea under this is to invest in a few more basics like black leggings, more t-shirts and vests. I probably will invest from H&M and Primark for these items!

What are you after for Autumn? 

Friday, 29 August 2014


Another month has sailed by, which is ridiculous as I refuse to believe that September is next month! However I do love Autumnal trends so am happy for that! I'm on holiday next week to an unknown destination as its currently a surprise for me so I will update when I know so once that's over its back to university and the London life in Autumn. So to sum up the Summer loves here's what I've loved this August.

For the shower, these are two amazing products and one a big repurchase. The Original Source Vanilla and Raspberry Shower Gel [LINK] is such a girlie scent of sweets and soft vanilla, a beautiful fragrance that isn't your typical strawberry. The great thing about this is perfect for the shower as the cap is easy to unlock and squeeze then done with no fall out. Winner! To compliment that and to make life soooo simple is the Nivea In-Shower Moisturiser for the body in Pampering Honey. [LINKWhoever invented this product was a hero, it makes your skin so nurtured and soft in the shower, after washing apply all over the body, no waiting no fuss just rinse off and you're already moisturised, missing that annoying wait for moisturisers to dry when you're getting ready! This is a great product for anyone who 'forgets' or 'cant be bothered' with daily moisturising. 

For face, the Ponds Cold Cream Cleanser had to be included after my post [LINK] on the cleanser the other week, this stuff has been my go to makeup remover and my skin hates me when I forget to use it! A great bargain at around £5 and often on offer! To scrub up every now and then I've gone back to my trusty Simple Facial Scrub [LINKthe main review can be found here [LINK] and this just makes facial exfoliation back to basics and really refreshes the skin, really enjoy using this one. 

The oddest mentions for my favourites this months are a deodorant from Triple Dry 72 hour deodorant which is a real tough stuff deodorant that keeps perspiration at a minimum and can be applied every three days. I don't like that idea however apply this at night, wash in the morning and you're already covered for the day ahead. It really works and keeps you dry! This is a much cheaper alternative than the Sure Maximum protection as this one is often on offer too.

With my second oddest favourite being the Bourjois Hands and Feet Nail Polish Remover Pot [LINK] these amazing tubs of nail polish remover get polish gone in seconds with one swipe but the great thing about this one is that if you've already painted your hands you don't need to faff with cotton wool or ruining fresh nails anymore. The lid of this pot includes a sponge to remove nail polish really quickly too. Since I can make a hack job of just about anything, I love this!

For makeup, the two products I've been using non stop are for the cheeks, the Hoola Benefit Bronzer [LINK], is beautiful and I've raved about this so many times, its a number one best seller and I can see why. Its so natural looking, build-able and creates a gorgeous contour. In addition to that I've loved Bourjois 03 Creme Blush [LINKwhich is beautiful and I saw Ruth Crilly from a Model Recommends talk about this in a recent video and it is just a gorgeous sheen of light peachy pink to the cheeks, I really love the effect cream blushes have and the fact you can build the colour to your needs!

Lastly, but never least, my trusty Burberry Weekend Perfume [LINK] which I reviewed last winter here [LINK] has returned into my life more recently and the scent itself brings back so many memories of last December, I know, I know. Its only August but I think this scent compliments me really well and is a good and cheaper alternative to the one perfume I'm lusting after at the moment which is Si, by Armani. 

So there my favourites this month, what have you been loving this summer? 

Tuesday, 26 August 2014


September is looming and the back to school season begins, for those who are about to embark on their first year of uni its a very daunting time. I was in the same boat only a year ago and boy has it flown by. I know I was so chilled about starting university as I thought I knew what to expect, but I did not at all, and wish I had known a few more things. One topic I was very unaware about was lectures and tutorials, which are the bulk of your learning time in university. I am aware some people do 'Labs' however, I haven't done any as of yet so will just be covering what I've gained from the last year.

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LECTURES AND TUTORIALS? A lecture is a spoken and visual presentation from a lecturer who will generally be the only one with the input into the class and will be on set topics accordingly. You will write notes, answer the odd question but generally take in the relevant information. Tutorials are the follow on from a lecture and are the discussion point between lecturer and classmates to discuss and follow on points made from the topic. These are the ways on enhancing what you've learnt and to keep thinking of the bigger picture.

ARE LECTURES BORING? Lectures are really simple, they're as you expect and they are essentially a lecturer at the front of a big room, with a powerpoint presentation and he or she will be presenting their topic with visuals. The idea is, you gain knowledge via visuals and voice and these will be your notes to collect as you wish to enhance knowledge and put this to use in coursework and exams. Lectures are only boring if you have a boring monotone teacher, generally I enjoy them.

DO YOU HAVE TO PARTICIPATE IN A TUTORIAL? As a journalism student we're a pretty vocal group and no one is really that shy. You don't have to often but it genuinely benefits yourself and classmates if you do as it keeps things flowing and not awkward. The reading lists and suggested reading prior to the lectures and tutorial for that lesson each week are crucial, you simply find out of things to say if you've only the knowledge from the lecture so do the readings, and you'll be able to participate hugely from it.

BOOKS AND READING? The readings are generally set texts from chapters that you'll be suggested to read. Its ideal to take notes after you've read the chapters to then take these to the tutorial so you can put these into discussion in class. I found the one class I did a huge amount of reading on, I was able to add loads to the class and it felt like the most I'd learnt from a lesson ever. The reading seems pointless and long winded but it will only be put off as you'll need it for coursework anyway.

NOTES? Half way through last year I changed to note taking to my laptop, it took one person to break that chain and everyone was at it. Its helpful for sure to be quicker however its very difficult to not get distracted by buzz feed or keep up with quick side notes and flicking between lectures. For my second year I fully intend to write all my notes in notebooks for each subject then transfer these to the computer to fully intake the text. However, this is all on personal preference, if you cant stand your handwriting or you're slow at writing, then a laptop all the way.


  • Always catch up when you miss a lecture- I said this so many times last year and didn't, then kicked myself. You really will benefit from catching up. The slides should be available on your virtual learning environment or moodle. 
  • Also if you miss some notes as a teacher speeds by slides, ensure you catch up, or even ask to go slower. 
  • Check out ABE BOOKS [LINK] and Amazon [LINK]for cheap second hand books. Last year ABE gave me a 60p (plus p&p) textbook! Of course the university library will have every book you need for free.

I hope this is of some help to you freshers or even second year students. My second year looks a tricky one so I fully intend to follow my own advice and work super hard. If you have any more questions do let me know! I'm thinking about doing a advice on freshers itself! Do let me know! 

Sunday, 24 August 2014


No matter what season we're always after keeping our makeup in place and lasting all day. Theres nothing worse than a creasing eyeshadow or a smudged eyeshadow so heres a low down of various cream/gel eyeshadows that are the easiest and quickest way to add glamour or shadow to the eye and be ready for a day of makeup.

Bourjois Paris Color Edition 24hours - Petale De Glace  and Prune Nocturne: These cream shadows have a cream to powder formula and the two colours I have compliment each other easily, the lighter colour is a beautiful everyday or quick colour all over the lid and the darker is a create way to go from office to evening or to add to the crease. I really like these as they stay ALL day. At £6.99 these are a great steal and must have in any makeup collection. [LINK]

Chanel Illusion D'Ombre Fantasme - At the higher end of the price scale of £25 you're really getting your quality in this product. This is a beautiful product that can be multi-use for highlighting, inner corner of the eye or all over. Although I only have it in this highlight colour its a beautiful colour to use and I feel so glamorous using the Chanel product. This stays put all day as a highlighter so creates a awake and contoured look all day, a real winner but more pricey than most. [LINK]

Maybelline 24 Hour Colour Tattoo On and On Bronze. This is one of my favourite products and a big repurchase as this is only £4.99 for a product that truly does last 24 hours, you can see how beautiful the swatch of this product is. This seriously unique colour is a great everyday or can be glammed up colour and has a beautiful metallic shine to it with no glitter. The only downside to these pots is they dry out so damn quick but with a good swirl with the brush can easily be used but unlike Bourjois' finish these are very dry formula to begin. [LINK]

MEMEME Dew Pots in Willow Whisper and Moonlit Madness - These shadows are great for colour ranges, and have beautiful deep colours for smokey eyes. These however don't have the lasting power and I prefer to use a primer underneath to ensure they don't budge. The formula is a lot lighter so even though I look like I use these all the time, I don't it just requires a lot to get some of the lighter colours on the eye. However these are great editions of colour and from Superdrug a real winner at £7.25. [LINK]

What brand does you're favourite cream eyeshadows?

Friday, 22 August 2014


This month I've found some new favourites that for once aren't a beauty related item, so I felt like incorporating these into a blog post as I know we all love a new tv show or store!

The Impossible- A few weeks ago I caught The Impossible on Amazon Prime Instant which is essentially Netflix by Amazon and I found this film on the off chance. The film is about a family separated by the Boxing Day Tsunami and is based on a real life series of events. Its a real tear jerker and really keeps you hooked. You follow the majority of the story with the Mother and the elder son but you see the rest of the family later. I wont spoil the ending as its a real beautiful ending but this film really is worth your full attention and is a beautiful film to understand the Tsunami. [LINK]

The Great British Bake Off - All year we've been waiting for the return and with the new series of bake off I'm already hooked yet. I already have my favourites and not so favourite contestants but I'm always pleased that the presenters don't change. The fight between Mel and Sue when they stole a contestants ingredients was classic. Always a winner to go back to! Of course I laugh at the contestants but I'd never be able to do half the things they do!

EXTANT - Extant is another Amazon Prime exclusive but I'm sure you'll be able to find it around the internet, featuring Halle Berry. I've loved her since Catwoman and this is a very similar set up.  Based in the future, where children can be made as robots and space is a place that's easily explored, Berry finds herself as a victim of a dangerous mission. I'm only 4 episodes in as I have to wait for Wednesday evenings for when me and my boyfriend watch an episode (after bake off of course) but we're hooked and cant wait to see more. Each episode doesn't end on too much of a cliffhanger too so its not too hard to wait for the next one either.

MUJI- Muji is a Japanese retail store that features home wares, clothing, stationary, the iconic storage boxes and home fragrance. A new store opened in Angel Islington in London and so I had a little look and made a couple of cheeky purchases. I bought a gorgeous candle that smells so homely and four new notebooks for university. The store itself ranges in prices depending but most things are cheap as as chips and great quality. I love this store so whenever you're next in London check it out, as you'll be eager to buy the whole store.

What have you been enjoying recently? 

Wednesday, 20 August 2014


Outfit of the days and makeup looks aren't something I've done in ages, heck you've probably not even seen my face in ages unless you follow my Instagram. I have a huge flat now so wanted to use the space I have to take better photos and what not. So here's my OOTD and FOTD from the weekend! Also I am very aware of how autumnal this outfit looks but the weather is so damn temperamental. In other news, my hair was straightened here for the first time in ages and it now seems to look very 'Rachel' from Friends, or is that just me hoping to pull off that look unintentionally?

OUTFIT//: Shirt - Hollister// Skirt - H&M// Tights - Primark// Shoes (not seen) Brown Chelsea Boots - New Look and Jacket (not seen) Faux Leather Red jacket- Forever 21.

MAKEUP//: FACE: Benefit Porefessional Primer, Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation and Concealer, Hoola Bronzer, Bourjois Creme Blush in 03, MAC Mineralise Skinfinish Natural in Light Plus. EYES: Bourjois 24 Hour Cream Eyeshadow in 03 and 05, Inglot Gel Liner in 77, Bourjois Contour Clubbing Eyeliner Pencil in Dynamint, Bourjois 1 Seconde Mascara.  LIPS: Bourjois Rouge Velvet in Ole Flamingo

Let me know if you want to see more of these style of posts or if you would like to see a review of any of the makeup products!

Monday, 18 August 2014


As part of Nougat London, the fashion label based in the West End, Nougat Naturals is the extension to their own bath and body ranges. From shower gels to hand creams and everything in-between the range is free from parabens, sulphates, PEG's, colour and is suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians which really makes this natural beauty brand cover all basis in an industry which is booming to keep products safe and free from nasty chemicals. 

I have the Nourishing Hand Cream and the Refining Body Scrub to try and am totally seeing the attraction to natural products.

Nourishing Hand Cream*- The hand cream contains a mix of Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Borage Oil, Glycerine and Cucumber with Seaweed to create a intense moisturiser for the hands. Our hands face a daily battle so the oils and butters make this a lotion type texture to apply morning and evening and throughout the day whenever necessary. The very botanical scents you can smell in the hand cream are from the 'Uplift and Revive' collection which hand notes of lemongrass, grapefruit and the seaweed and cucumber to create a zesty fragrance perfect for summer. 

Refining Body Scrub*- The body scrub is perfect for a hot summers evening shower, to refresh and calm you and your skin the scrub contains Olive Seed extracts for the gritty scrub particles as well as Coconut Oil to nourish the skin. There is also Green Tea Extract full of antioxidants to inhibit collagen degradation. Perfect for keeping the skin looking young and youthful. This is a very gritty scrub but under the 'Calming and Relaxing' range which after one whiff of this is the perfect description for the scent, the Jasmine, Sandalwood and Lavender well as many other essential oils help to create a extremely soothing and peaceful scent which smells amazing.

In terms of texture, the hand cream is very light weight and does take a while to sink in, a little goes a very very long way so I recommend applying this at night more so as you can let this sink in, if you're travelling or about to do something, you don't want a laptop smothered in cream. Nonetheless its an enjoyable hand cream but I prefer something that sinks in a little quicker.

The scrub on the other hand, is a real winner. The scrub as I say is perfect for when you have a pamper evening, the Olive Seed particles make this really gritty and scrubs well into the skin without being too abrasive. I really enjoy using the scrub and has been in my shower ever since I got it!

The Uplifting and Reviving Nourishing Hand Cream can be found for £14 and the Calming and Relaxing Refining Body Scrub retails for £18 from

These products with a * were PR Samples.

Friday, 8 August 2014


Good non toe pinching, blister inducing rubber flip flops are hard to come by! So how does up to 70% off Animal flip flops sound. These beauties are soft, easy on the feet, no pinching or rubbing in the most hurtful of places and a design brand, these are my calling!

On a recent shop these looked amazing and I'd been into Animal twice to try them on and decide on the perfect pair. Animal seems to be the ONLY shop that sells non rubber simple flip flop sandals. Even Primark let me down this year.

I didn't really want to be paying up to £20 for flip flops though, fundamentally its foam and string or fabric, which shouldnt be more than £10, no matter who the brand is.

So when I was glancing on Amazon of all places, I saw these flip flops which I was already trying in store anyway, at over half the RRP! They are exactly the same too just cheaper! So my lovely Mum ordered them for me and bought two pairs as it was still cheaper than buying one retail shoe.

The pink and black flip flops were originally £18 and have a ripple design on the footing which isn't hard to walk on at all and provides stability well in the shoe. These will be great for my holiday when walking around, I'm not sure where I"m going yet, its all a surprise so hopefully they'll accommodate any place!  I got these for £5.61 which is a 69% saving which can be bought here [LINK].

The blue flip flops are simple string which do not hurt at all, are as soft as butter on the feet and really easy to wear. These are perfect as everyday wear or to wear on an evening out. I call these my fashionable ones as the pink ones aren't going to compliment evening wear or dresses but are practical, whereas these will go with dresses, bikinis, jeans, shorts, skirts, you name it! These were RRP for £16 and got these with 61% off at £6.22 which can be purchased here [LINK]

These are cheaper than buying in store, and as a designer brand of great quality too these are bargain to be had. They have dozens of beautiful designs on there too and mens aswell so have a good look on there as there are so many all with huge discounts!

Are you going to snap up these amazing offers?!

Wednesday, 6 August 2014


Summer is the best month to delve into books, not only is it the easiest way to be occupied whilst sunbathing but I feel the tone of books in Summer are always more upbeat than Winter!  So here are a selection of books I've been reading through recently and what I've loved or am not highly rating! 

The Best Thing That Never Happened To Me: Laura Tati and Jimmy Rice. 
This is instantly my favourite out of all these books, I read this book super quickly and was so eager for bedtime or a train journey to dive back into it. This book is set in London with two main characters, Holly and Alex.  Best friends when young and reunited when in the working world, they both have had their lives turn out differently than expected and find that their feelings are very much there. The chapters are split between Alex, Holly, Alex, Holly and so fourth which is very refreshing. The book will have you laughing and has all the romance you'd want with humour and wit too! I cant say too much without giving it all away but this is such a fun summer read, its easy to read, and provides a romance story that takes its time with laughter and experiences on the way!
BUY: The Best Thing That Never Happened To Me £3.85 paperback // £2.48 kindle.

A Gift To Remember: Melissa Hill
Think Confessions of a Shopohollic with this novel, yet her obsession is books. Add in some romance, a dog and New York and you've got yourself a highly popular summer read. We find Darcy, a book shop worker crash straight into Mr Right? But is he? I can't say this was a easy read, I found it very slow to begin and cliche city, I know chick flick type books are but this was just so predictable I wasnt excited to know what happened next, because I could tell. Nonetheless for a book that does the job or if you want it to last and not feel addicted to, it works. Personally, its a good book and story yet quite predictable. This is such a big seller at the moment but for me I didnt get on with it however, it wont break the bank if you want to try it anyway.
BUY: A Gift to Remember £3.50 Paperback and Kindle

The Rosie Project: Graeme Simison 
This book has been in the best sellers list for a while now, and when this was on offer in Tesco it made sense to see what the fuss is about. Unfortunately, I hate it.  I really don't see how this is an enjoyable book, to me Thats not to say the book isnt written well, but the plot is something I'm finding hard to grasp, the character Dom Tillman is an autistic man looking for love, and trying to find a wife. He enlists questionnaires to whittle down a suitable woman yet meets Rosie, who is everything opposite to his criteria but we all know opposites attract. You can see how its a warm hearted idea, but the story itself was just hard to get into, I really didn't enjoy Rosie as a character. This reminds me of the whole Sheldon Cooper trying to understand love concept but I just didn't find this as an easy read as I expected. However, its got a warm heart so if you're into a bit more of a complex story to finding love, this is for you.
BUY: The Rosie Project £3.50 Paperback and £1.99 Kindle

Bridget Jones: Mad about the Boy: Helen Feilding.
Bridget is back, widowed and a mother. Don't worry we all knew about this spoiler months ago. I had never read the first two Bridget books, but obviously saw the films. Bridget is now a assuming 50-something, yet still very much feeling 30 at times. Her diary is back trying to juggle two children, her friends, Daniel Cleaver as a babysitter (yes, I was very glad to imagine Hugh Grant back again) and also a job. Mad About the Boy reveals Jones as clinging onto a toy boy, 21 years her junior and experiencing the world of social media. If you check amazon, the reviews are appaling, it doesn't seem to of taken off at all. I did find it hit and miss, the twitter side was very lacklustre, completely unrealistic and just not right. It was trying to make the book too 2014, when it didn't need to be. Regardless of that, I think the book is quite funny and we see old Bridget in there too. I've enjoyed reading the book and has been an easy read however, you can see where the reviews are coming from, making her widowed and then trying to be too 'cool' really doesn't work and is almost cringeworthy! I enjoyed it but if you're happy to not find out about Bridget years on, you're not missing out.

Check out the reviews here and buy:  Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy £3.00 Paperback & £1.99 Kindle

If You're Not The One: Jemma Forte
What if you chose the different man? What if you're first love was the one? If you're not the one travels back and fourth in Jennifer's life to show what path's her life would of taken if she made different choices. Following an accident and being put into a coma her dreams take her to the past, week before her accident and the present to explore how her life could be different. Its a great summer read and I read it super quickly, its a happy-go-lucky kind of book and has a twist with the ending which I think makes this more unique than just you're typical cliche what if. It was an enjoyable read and I really enjoyed Jennifer as a character. Its a super-cheap kindle read so definitely recommend for a holiday read!

BUY: If You're Not the One for 99p on Kindle or £5.59 paperback.

These have been the books I've enjoyed recently, what summer books have you enjoyed! I'd love some more to get through! 

Monday, 4 August 2014


August is here and it only seems fitting to do the obligatory Summer essentials post! I'm already well into my Summer colours and am enjoying the sunshine we've had! My tan is already nice and brown and with a holiday at the very end of the month I can safely say these will be my favourites and essentials well into the next month!

If you're a bit pasty like I can be, Sienna X Express Tanning Mist* is the perfect way to start off your summer glow. This streak free spray has a 360 nozzle and can be used all over the body to create the perfect glow. This can be used as an instant colour or wait 8 hours, ideally sleep in it, and boom deep colour.

To keep the burnt look away as well, its bronze you want, not burnt, a SPF is needed, Avon's Sun Clear Spray in SPF30* is the perfect suncream for those who don't want fuss. This has hardly any scent, applies super easily and can be sprayed on and rubbed in within seconds.

Summer nail colours are always my favourite, bright colours only work in the Summer so these Orly Color Blast's* are right up my street. These neon colours are beautiful for complimenting a tan. The orange is so bold and the purple is so deep yet look super gorgeous on the nails, perfect for the flip flop feet!

In hot weather, if you've read this blog for a while you'll know Benefit You Rebel in Original is my go to foundation. If its gonna slide, I'd rather make it light, good for the skin and provide moisture to the skin too. This is a SPF too, which is a winner as I find sunscreen on the face can cause spots so this is great for hot weather, or even lazy days! These tubes last forever too!

After a fortnight at Bourjois for work experience, I've come to fall in love with the brand, I'd heard good things for a while now but yes, I've fallen for the hype. The Rouge Edition Velvet's and Delice de Poudre Duo are the summer must have's, with two new DDP's out this August, they are going to be so popular. The duo is my favourite, similar to a contour kit, this new powder comes with the iconic bronzer and a highlighter, the bronzer is as gorgeous as ever and compliments any tone and blends so dreamily with a beautiful light highlighter as well.

The Rouge Edition Velvets are hyped up big time, and I can see why. I've not stopped wearing these, I will do a full review on these soon but they are just so gorgeous! The pigmentation is superb and the colours are so summer appropriate, a slick of these and sunglasses equals super glam but effortless look!

With lips being a big feature this summer, and after watching a couple of youtube videos I've noticed how important a SPF for your lips are! Its very easy to forget that lips will burn just as much or at least be effected by the sunshine. The sunshine really dries my lips out and makes applying product a nightmare, so the new Carmex Lime Twist lip balm* is gorgeous! This tastes like Mojito on the lips and is so zesty, non sticky and super moisturising with the added SPF15! If you love zesty scents, you HAVE to buy this, it tastes so good and saves your lips in the sun!

The inclusion of Batiste Dry Shampoo is a year round must have however, for summer it's ideal to spray in your hair just before bed, if its a hot night your hair may get greasier quicker so applying before bed means it will take in all the oils in your hair and keep your hair fresher for longer! Don't worry, this wont stain your sheets or pillows either!

Bic Soleil Secret Razor and Bikini Trimmer* has been everywhere, these are the easiest razors and trimmer set and with three in a pack, with a two in one, these are simple to use, and a steal for keeping bikini body ready!

What are you ready to use this summer? Any products that you've turned to year after year?

LINKS: Sienna X Express Tanning Mist [LINK] // Avon's Sun Clear Spray in SPF30 [LINK] // ORLY Colour Blast's [LINK]// Benefit You Rebel Original [LINK] // Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets [LINK]  Carmex Lime Twist Balm [LINK] Batiste Dry Shampoo [LINK] Bic Soleli Razors [LINK]

Products with a * are PR Samples.

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