Friday, 8 August 2014


Good non toe pinching, blister inducing rubber flip flops are hard to come by! So how does up to 70% off Animal flip flops sound. These beauties are soft, easy on the feet, no pinching or rubbing in the most hurtful of places and a design brand, these are my calling!

On a recent shop these looked amazing and I'd been into Animal twice to try them on and decide on the perfect pair. Animal seems to be the ONLY shop that sells non rubber simple flip flop sandals. Even Primark let me down this year.

I didn't really want to be paying up to £20 for flip flops though, fundamentally its foam and string or fabric, which shouldnt be more than £10, no matter who the brand is.

So when I was glancing on Amazon of all places, I saw these flip flops which I was already trying in store anyway, at over half the RRP! They are exactly the same too just cheaper! So my lovely Mum ordered them for me and bought two pairs as it was still cheaper than buying one retail shoe.

The pink and black flip flops were originally £18 and have a ripple design on the footing which isn't hard to walk on at all and provides stability well in the shoe. These will be great for my holiday when walking around, I'm not sure where I"m going yet, its all a surprise so hopefully they'll accommodate any place!  I got these for £5.61 which is a 69% saving which can be bought here [LINK].

The blue flip flops are simple string which do not hurt at all, are as soft as butter on the feet and really easy to wear. These are perfect as everyday wear or to wear on an evening out. I call these my fashionable ones as the pink ones aren't going to compliment evening wear or dresses but are practical, whereas these will go with dresses, bikinis, jeans, shorts, skirts, you name it! These were RRP for £16 and got these with 61% off at £6.22 which can be purchased here [LINK]

These are cheaper than buying in store, and as a designer brand of great quality too these are bargain to be had. They have dozens of beautiful designs on there too and mens aswell so have a good look on there as there are so many all with huge discounts!

Are you going to snap up these amazing offers?!

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