Friday, 29 August 2014


Another month has sailed by, which is ridiculous as I refuse to believe that September is next month! However I do love Autumnal trends so am happy for that! I'm on holiday next week to an unknown destination as its currently a surprise for me so I will update when I know so once that's over its back to university and the London life in Autumn. So to sum up the Summer loves here's what I've loved this August.

For the shower, these are two amazing products and one a big repurchase. The Original Source Vanilla and Raspberry Shower Gel [LINK] is such a girlie scent of sweets and soft vanilla, a beautiful fragrance that isn't your typical strawberry. The great thing about this is perfect for the shower as the cap is easy to unlock and squeeze then done with no fall out. Winner! To compliment that and to make life soooo simple is the Nivea In-Shower Moisturiser for the body in Pampering Honey. [LINKWhoever invented this product was a hero, it makes your skin so nurtured and soft in the shower, after washing apply all over the body, no waiting no fuss just rinse off and you're already moisturised, missing that annoying wait for moisturisers to dry when you're getting ready! This is a great product for anyone who 'forgets' or 'cant be bothered' with daily moisturising. 

For face, the Ponds Cold Cream Cleanser had to be included after my post [LINK] on the cleanser the other week, this stuff has been my go to makeup remover and my skin hates me when I forget to use it! A great bargain at around £5 and often on offer! To scrub up every now and then I've gone back to my trusty Simple Facial Scrub [LINKthe main review can be found here [LINK] and this just makes facial exfoliation back to basics and really refreshes the skin, really enjoy using this one. 

The oddest mentions for my favourites this months are a deodorant from Triple Dry 72 hour deodorant which is a real tough stuff deodorant that keeps perspiration at a minimum and can be applied every three days. I don't like that idea however apply this at night, wash in the morning and you're already covered for the day ahead. It really works and keeps you dry! This is a much cheaper alternative than the Sure Maximum protection as this one is often on offer too.

With my second oddest favourite being the Bourjois Hands and Feet Nail Polish Remover Pot [LINK] these amazing tubs of nail polish remover get polish gone in seconds with one swipe but the great thing about this one is that if you've already painted your hands you don't need to faff with cotton wool or ruining fresh nails anymore. The lid of this pot includes a sponge to remove nail polish really quickly too. Since I can make a hack job of just about anything, I love this!

For makeup, the two products I've been using non stop are for the cheeks, the Hoola Benefit Bronzer [LINK], is beautiful and I've raved about this so many times, its a number one best seller and I can see why. Its so natural looking, build-able and creates a gorgeous contour. In addition to that I've loved Bourjois 03 Creme Blush [LINKwhich is beautiful and I saw Ruth Crilly from a Model Recommends talk about this in a recent video and it is just a gorgeous sheen of light peachy pink to the cheeks, I really love the effect cream blushes have and the fact you can build the colour to your needs!

Lastly, but never least, my trusty Burberry Weekend Perfume [LINK] which I reviewed last winter here [LINK] has returned into my life more recently and the scent itself brings back so many memories of last December, I know, I know. Its only August but I think this scent compliments me really well and is a good and cheaper alternative to the one perfume I'm lusting after at the moment which is Si, by Armani. 

So there my favourites this month, what have you been loving this summer? 

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