Friday, 22 August 2014


This month I've found some new favourites that for once aren't a beauty related item, so I felt like incorporating these into a blog post as I know we all love a new tv show or store!

The Impossible- A few weeks ago I caught The Impossible on Amazon Prime Instant which is essentially Netflix by Amazon and I found this film on the off chance. The film is about a family separated by the Boxing Day Tsunami and is based on a real life series of events. Its a real tear jerker and really keeps you hooked. You follow the majority of the story with the Mother and the elder son but you see the rest of the family later. I wont spoil the ending as its a real beautiful ending but this film really is worth your full attention and is a beautiful film to understand the Tsunami. [LINK]

The Great British Bake Off - All year we've been waiting for the return and with the new series of bake off I'm already hooked yet. I already have my favourites and not so favourite contestants but I'm always pleased that the presenters don't change. The fight between Mel and Sue when they stole a contestants ingredients was classic. Always a winner to go back to! Of course I laugh at the contestants but I'd never be able to do half the things they do!

EXTANT - Extant is another Amazon Prime exclusive but I'm sure you'll be able to find it around the internet, featuring Halle Berry. I've loved her since Catwoman and this is a very similar set up.  Based in the future, where children can be made as robots and space is a place that's easily explored, Berry finds herself as a victim of a dangerous mission. I'm only 4 episodes in as I have to wait for Wednesday evenings for when me and my boyfriend watch an episode (after bake off of course) but we're hooked and cant wait to see more. Each episode doesn't end on too much of a cliffhanger too so its not too hard to wait for the next one either.

MUJI- Muji is a Japanese retail store that features home wares, clothing, stationary, the iconic storage boxes and home fragrance. A new store opened in Angel Islington in London and so I had a little look and made a couple of cheeky purchases. I bought a gorgeous candle that smells so homely and four new notebooks for university. The store itself ranges in prices depending but most things are cheap as as chips and great quality. I love this store so whenever you're next in London check it out, as you'll be eager to buy the whole store.

What have you been enjoying recently? 

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