Monday, 22 September 2014


Does anyone else ever get so bored they start doing their hair or makeup? I had one of them afternoons recently and rediscovered love for my curling wand. My hair has grown so much in the last 6 months that I wanted to see what longer curls would be like, and most importantly how long it would take. I was so pleased with the results.

My hair looks so bouncy, shiny and so Taylor Swift like. At first this wand provides very precise ringlets, which looks amazing, or you can brush out for a more softer look as I have done above on the first picture.  I think I prefer it as ringlets but I split my hair down each side, then with about 6 curls on sections of hair, I had done it in ten minutes or less! I was amazed.

The curler I use is the Babyliss curling wand, and although they've made many versions of this, they're all very similar. It heats up to 200-210 C and has four settings with an on/off switch and up and down buttons. You can stand your curler on your desk with the little hinge and it does come with a glove, although I no longer have it.

When I first bought this curler I burnt my eye, big blunder so practise makes perfect with these wands. Hold away to the face and wrap round! You can get this amazing quick and easy curler perfect for even short hair (I had it when I had short hair too) for only £25! [LINK] The colour/number is different as they differ slightly but still do the exact same job! Amazon also sell a number of these style curlers with different sizes of the tong which may be more suited to longer/shorter hair styles. 

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