Wednesday, 10 September 2014


Ever since I moved into my new flat I've been swapping up where I store my makeup. Ever since I moved to Essex I've not spent a full week in my flat due to work, staying at boyfriends or my parents. Which is really quite odd, but as my summer calms down and I'm back to uni in a couple of weeks I thought I'd give it the last update so the flat had its final homely touches.

As I rent my flat I cant put nails in the wall (and it shows the black marks on the wall were from previous tenants) so I have placed the Bourjois posters on the wall with non mark fabric which is great. Theres nothing more homely than just having some pictures up. I was given these when I was on work experience at Bourjois just as a disclaimer, you can't buy these.

Yes, I'm still the last blogger on earth to use WHSmiths Drawers, but they still work perfectly for me. I never over own stuff, only last week I cleared out the drawers of just old and never used items. It was a waste and means I can update with freshers products that I know I will use.

I keep my Sigma (old but beloved) brushes in two silver pencil pots from Wilkinsons, these served me well considering I've moved them from three homes in the last year! I also keep odd earrings and my everyday jewellery on the top here too along side my handbag essentials, of hand gel, L'Occitane Shea Butter handcream and Carmex Mojito lip balm. I also have a tiny hand mirror as I haven't yet moved my vanity mirror to my flat yet.

I tend to like having a candle burning to keep my bedroom smelling nice ready for bed and as this is closer to the front door than my lounge, it often scents the whole flat too. This is Sainsbury's 3 wick Apple Blossom and Lotus which is a really warming girlie scent.

When I moved into my flat I had no clothing storage but after a trip to Ikea and a few handmedowns I now have a clothing rail for dresses, hoodies, shirts and blazers and then all my underwear, tops and bottoms are in this Ikea Malm Chest of 4 drawers. You probably think three drawers for clothes is not enough but you'll be surprised how much is packed in here. The bottom drawer has my hair dryer, straighteners, nail polishes, products to review, sun lotion and bits and bobs that I don't want to have lying about.

I am finally really happy with my set up in my bedroom. I find living in a big flat on my own can be quite easy to get scared in, so to know my room is all cosy makes it so much easier.

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