Thursday, 18 September 2014


I'm probably not the most pinterest worthy blogger for set up, I don't own a pure white home with a luxurious desk with a big ol' SLR. I'm a student blogger that uses what I've got and keep it easy! So here's my set up for when I set down to get my blog posts written!

I use my dining table in my lounge-come-kitchen and I face the window area as I have a really nice view from my windows. I make sure I'm sitting up rather than slouching to ensure I'm really focused.

More than likely you'll find me with a can of coke (I'm an addict and I know it, but as I bet a few of you are it can be a tough old day without my sugar(free) fix of Coke Zero. To combat the bad, I do ensure I have a pint of water with me too and sip this too. We all know how good water can be to keep your brain awake and mind focused.

I have my filofax open which was prepped ready for the info on my latest Uni Advice: posts and this has also a blogging section which contains any ideas or when I'm a bit stuck in a rut with posts or ideas I've jotted down when out and about.

And lastly, all I need is my Macbook Pro, my best friend, I love my macbook and beats any PC I've ever used. 

When I'm on Pinterest, Blog Lovin', Twitter or just chilling out you'll find me on the sofa but when head down and blogging ahead, you'll find me here ready to get the posts out. 

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