Sunday, 28 September 2014


One of the biggest perks of being a student is DISCOUNTS! Even my mum has my student code to buy things cheaper! There is a lot of bonuses to be a student so part of my Uni Advice: series here's the low down to get the best deals and freebies!

NUS EXTRA: For £12 you can receive a NUS Card from the National Union of Students which is a credited student card and identification which gets you 100's of discounts in stores or online. You are offered discounts from Amazon, Apple, Asos, Dominos, Topshop, just to name a few! This is one of the most valuable cards and you can have these as soon as you start college or sixth form too! Although it costs £12, you will definitely reap the rewards back. Normally 2/3 meals out gets me money back if you've spent around £30 and if the discount is £6 at 20%, 2 meals gets you your money back!  You can sign up here for your card! [LINK]

UNI DAYS:Uni days is a fairly new discount service for uni students and in my opinion the best! Theres NO fee to join and can be easily joined online. Most of the services are for online websites and deals however so is NUS so its quite the perk for it to be free on that respect. You have some extras in here too such as Cath Kidston, Hobbycraft, Tesco Clothing, Hollister, Roxy, Benefit, Boux Avenue, I could go on! Many of these can be printed for shop use and has many more premium and high street brands than NUS, infact I rarely use my NUS card for clothing shops! If you sign up to one thing as a fresher or student, make it UNI DAYS! Sign up here! [LINK]

CLUBCARDS: Its a monumental day when you receive your first clubcard.  Be it a Tesco Clubcard or a Nectar card for Sainsbury's, its the day you become an adult. Tesco's clubcard is the best to use as your points can be redeemed more easily for restaurant vouchers or money to use in store, I've had vouchers to use on clothing from there and currently saving for restaurant vouchers.  However, if Sainsbury's is your nearest store then do join Nectar! Although the vouchers take a LONG time to even get enough points for, if you're shopping there anyway you may as well get something along the way. I have a LOT of points as they gave me 1,500 points for buying my Internet wifi through Talk Talk. If you have the Nectar Toolbar they'll tell you every time you can earn points shopping too. There are lots of 'tasks' you can do to earn more points than just shopping aswell. A real investment in the long run, free money at the end of the day. As a student, do not say no to free money! You can join Tesco here [LINK] and for Nectar join here [LINK].

BEAUTY: Make sure you have a Boots Advantage Card [LINK] as for every £1 you gain 4 points which as a beauty addict definitely add up and then when you have lots you can treat yourself! You can also get a Superdrug card [LINK] which is only 1 point a £1 but again, free money! Also, did you know that students receive a FREE The Body Shop card (normally £5) which on your birthday month entitles you to a free gift of £5 (towards any product) and gets you stamps and rewards every time you shop there and spend £10. Although you cannot get it for free online, I got mine in store so definitely ask next time you're near a body shop store!

SPOTIFY: Anyone who knows me, knows me I will promote Spotify to my dying day. Its essentially Itunes, without the 99p a song price tag! I believe there would be no music industry without downloads or money involved. Downloading songs always ends up being crap quality which I cannot stand in a song, so about three years ago I became a member of Spotify Premium. What's that I hear you ask? Spotify is a downloadable program that has an extensive range of songs, like all of them. Full albums, artist directory, every album they've ever made and the best part... as a student, its only £5 a month! The way I pitch it to my friends is, you'll spend £7.99 on an album, why not spend £10 (normal price without discount) and have ALL the music you'd ever want, including that album, available on your laptop, phone or tablet online or offline anywhere you are... I think its the best invention ever and means the music industry can still exist as you're still paying but considerably less for a shed load more! Also being a Premium member means you're not limit to plays of a song, so if you wanna play Taylor Swift 50 times in a row, you can, and you'll have no adverts interrupting your singing. To get spotify discount at half price, join NUS or Uni Day's to get your discount code! Or give it a try (but with adverts and limits here) [LINK] 

Do you have any student discounts that would be great to share, post them below or let me know if these are any use to you! 

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