Tuesday, 2 September 2014


University is a big deal for eighteen year olds and over, not only have you just signed away three years of your life to study, you could be potentially moving to a whole new city, and starting life again. The whole time can be very scary and once you start lessons you'll feel even more scared and think it may not be for you. You may well be right, it may not be for you, which is completely ok. However, in my second week I definitely had a moment of 'What shall I do?' and many people have this moment but I got over it and am about to start my second year. So I've some experiences and tips to help you through that moment if you happen to reach it!

TALK TO SOMEONE: Having parents, another half, a friend, or someone who isn't in your university environment to talk it through helps massively. No one will be disappointed with you, your family will always want whats best for you and would hate for you to suffer so talk to them and find a compromise. Just venting will help your head sort it out, and you could be worrying over nothing. 

FIND A HALF WAY HOUSE IF HOMESICK: Luckily for me as I had moved to London, my cousins lived closer to me than my parents did. I got home sick but London is a HUGE city and the biggest quote I remembered from living in London is that even though theres millions of people you can still feel alone. So, to not feel like I was giving in straight off, I saw my cousins the second week I moved in to halls. That way I didn't give in, it was still in London but it wasn't home, and it relieved the pressure. If you can see a friend, relative or have someone come and see you, to take the feeling of homesickness away without going home I'd fully endorce it.  It isn't giving in either.

THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU'VE ACHIEVED: And gained! Not only have you just made it to a new location, a new stage in life, living in your own means. You've made that choice and you've made it so far already, that is something to be really proud of, and you should be amazed by that. You've gained independence and who said it would be a walk in the park! Appreciate it and you'll feel very proud of yourself. 

WHAT'S YOUR PLAN B?: This is a harsh one to say, but for me, that's what stopped me giving up so early, I have wanted to be a journalist since the age of nine, to give up when I felt a bit lost or out of place would of been silly. I've never had a plan B, I've never needed to and I'm very lucky for that, but I fully recommending thinking about a plan B. If you have one, great. If you don't consider sticking it out for a few more weeks. You'll be surprised. 

BUT I DON'T DRINK?: I found freshers very scary, I just was so unprepared for how much drinking was involved, and I thought I liked drinking but I just couldn't afford or keep up with that. At first I worried about being alone through that, but I've learnt after a while, no one cares. And that's a great thing, people wont be mean to you because you don't want to go out because it doesn't effect what they're going to do. I drink often, but I am not a big clubber by any means and I can't afford it, I really don't understand how people can! But if you don't like the lifestyle, seek solace in another hobby or get a job and you'll appreciate money much more.  Drinking is not the be all and end of all of university and anyone who says it is, is a dick. I didn't sign up for £9000 year courses to get ridiculously drunk and I love a drink at the end of exams, and on evenings out, but I refuse to believe you have to get drunk just because everyone else does. 

If you decide the whole lifestyle or course isn't for you, that's ok, there is always help for deciding to change your mind. Give it another week as soon as you hit this wall, because that week will turn into a year of university and before you know it, you'll be ready for your second! 

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