Friday, 31 October 2014


Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Bourjois Party Ready winter collection blogger event with my lovely Laura from Lulaabelle. The lovely girls at Bourjois know how to throw an event and had the glam and glitz of all the new products presented lovely with cocktails, manicures, hair by GHD and lovely canapés. Back to the products, and the winter collection is beautiful. It makes me feel totally christmassy with the reds and sparkles, and with this season their bring the Parisian night with the collection.

VOLUME 1 SECONDE ULTRA BLACK MASCARA £9.99 You may already know but I've been using the original 1 seconde mascara and absolutely love it and use it everyday, so was so happy to see a new one out! This beautiful mascara holds ultra black pigments to create 16 hour hold and has a beautiful thick and patented brush that creates real glamour fluttery lashes with just the right amount of thickness.

MEGA LINE ULTRA BLACK £7.49 A felt liner is always a winner for me, I wear liner on my lashes every single day and pens are so easy to use. This one is especially easy, the angled nib creates a thin or thick line to your choosing and again is ultra black, and truly is. These last all day too, whats not to love!

ROUGE EDITION VELVET LIPSTICKS £8.99 I know you're all dying to see this one. I LOVE these lipsticks, they are absolutely beautiful and last all day long. They are my favourite go to lipsticks for a bold lip, and with the winter rolling around they are great for winter colours and looks.

The newest addition to the clan is Happy Nude Year, a beautiful nude peach with velvet texture. I know this will be really popular and comes out as a perfect everyday colour if you're not a bold lip gal. You'll know this will stay put too all day so you can go from day to night. A real winner!

(Swatch of Hot Pepper and Happy Nude Year)

COLOUR EDITION 24HR EYESHADOW £7.99 Two new eyeshadow colour editions which are perfect christmas party colours in Marron Givre and Flocon D'or to create a real shimmer with dusky rusty brown and the white shimmer for a highlight. These are great for on the go and create long lasting looks, catching a theme here, everything will keep you party lasting!

And lastly, whats a winter collection without some nail drama! 1 SECONDE NAIL POLISH £5.99. Two new additions to the selection are two perfect colours for the season. Grey to Meet you which is the darker grey is a beautiful dark grey that looks stunning for the time of year, it applies neatly and has a great easy to use brush that dries in seconds maybe not just one but very quick all the same. Also the best one, Glitterizer is a silver flake top coat that can be used over polishes to give them some sparkle! It applies beautifully and can be layered to desired effect, and looks gorgeous with the grey to meet you! The red colour is already in the collection and is called Rouge in Style.

What are you most looking forward to getting your hands on from Bourjois this winter? The Happy Nude year is my favourite so far! All of these products are available in November!

All of these samples are PR samples.

Thursday, 30 October 2014


The blogging world is a glamorous one. We're all about the latest trends, constant posting, a new look and being youtube worthy, but deep down, deeep deep down, we're not as glam as our look book says we are when we're blogging. So lets face it girls (and guys) this is a realistic blogger:

A realistic blogger:

Writes blog posts in pj's or comfy clothes whilst writing a post about fashion week... one day Primark's pyjama bottoms will be on the catwalk and you'll all be laughing.

Has to select the best room in the house that gains sunlight to take a batch of photos, and when daylight savings come into use a working or student blogger has no hope.

Will have the text for lots of posts written or lots of photos but never have both simultaneously in sync. 

Wishes google adsense could provide a sustainable income, but alas 1p every few days won't give me my pinterest worthy home. 

Will use face wipes occasionally, and DOESN'T CARE! 

Will take photos of products before they can even open the product or packaging... this could equal a long wait too.

Has to juggle university/work/social/family and chores and more often and not will put blogging before chores... 'Christmas beauty calendars are more important than dishes anyway.'

Gets frustrated when a brand only favourites a link of a review of their product on twitter... seriously. Retweet is right next to it, go on, you know you want to!

Will attempt to understand SEO and act like they get it, but nope... never will... just me?

Owns a 217 blending brush (or similar) and will blend until the wind changes and yet just can't achieve that blended look that youtubers can do so well! 

will read mummy-blogs or baby updates despite being below sixteen/not expecting/not intending on having a child anytime soon or ever intending on having children.

and most importantly, the realistic blogger does not need someone to tell them how to blog, they're fully aware how to write a post and share it, success is a personal achievement and blogging is up to the writer! You don't see journalists telling other journalists how to write a successful article, so why must bloggers do the same! 

Are you a realistic blogger?

Tuesday, 21 October 2014


If you've finally got into the swing of things at University, then here's my three final top tips to succeed within your time in university and your first year! 

Being a student is tough on the ol’ bank account at the best of times. A student loan looks pretty in your account for far longer than it should and trust me its actually more scary seeing it all in there when its all about to go on your accommodation. However, there is plenty of way to budget as a student. Infact its the best part of being a student. Uni Days and NUS offer plenty of discounts throughout the year at tons of retailers from Amazon, Topshop and food chains such as Pizza Express, Yo Sushi and more with up to 25% off at some restaurants, WINNER! You can also save on the boring items like food at Co-Op as NUS members get 10% off on your shop too, its no Tesco but every little helps still. For books ABE is my saviour, if you prefer to own the books or your library is a little lacklustre at exam season then Abe Books offers tons of second hand or even longer books that are perfectly good to use for exams at a 10th of the original price. I bought a couple of books for 90p last year. Just check these are the correct year for your references.  Always keep a check of your budget and pre-drink to save even more!

When I joined university I was so over whelmed and didn’t really know what I was doing. I didn’t drink as much as everyone else and that is quite daunting when everyone drinks so much and you feel like you’re not the student you thought after all. However, drinking is not the be all and end all. Theres always societies to join to be who you are whether that’s a academic, sporty or even religious student. You can be exactly who you want to be because its not like school anymore, people don’t care what you’re doing, its every man for themselves and thats a good thing. Be yourself in whatever you do, how you study, where you spend your money and how you dress. Take the attitude you’re not there to please anyone and you want to make the most of your university opportunities and it will be much more easier and your confidence will shine. 

The academic side of university, yes remember the part you joined for, is tough. And it only gets tougher, I’ve had a bit of a reality shock with the work load in second year however my hours are a lot less so really its balanced out. The work load is different from A-Levels or college but its manageable. University is actually really quite straightforward especially if you’re stuck. You’re paying £9000 a year to be there, if you’re stuck go to the lecturer and say what you’re stuck on. More often or not they’d rather sit and explain it as then they know they’ve helped you grasp the subject. Obviously some are better than others but my teachers always have my best interests at heart and want me to progress as much as possible. Believe you can succeed and find the solution to any problem, there is no fault in not being the one student with a first to every essay, you’re not there to compete but prove your knowledge to achieve what you can do. Believe you’ve got it in you and you will get exactly what you want out of university. 

This is part of Currys Tech Talks competition, have a go here yourself! 

Saturday, 4 October 2014


A new university year is upon me (after the longest holiday ever) so a new bag was well needed, my poor grey new look bag did me well but I needed a BIG bag. Trying to squeeze a Macbook Pro and every other random thing I carry with me everyday was a big push and although I'm not intending on taking my laptop with me to university this year I did want more space for all the other bits and pieces.

I was on the hunt for an exact bag, nothing was screaming at me, I tried everywhere. The last place I looked was Zara and found exactly what I was after. A large bag, big enough for a laptop if needed and with a zip compartment (as well as two others) for my personal and secure items to be stored. I had originally seen this bag when I was on holiday in Madeira in another store but dismissed it but decided this was exactly what I wanted.

I bought this bag in grey/orange however they do a selection of colours and the best part is you can make it work your mood/outfit/season by reversing the bag.

The zip bag inside connects with a strap to the bag handles and is as big as the shopper so you can store items away safely or you can even take this part out! Its really quite functional. The only downside is that the zip insert doesn't have any structures to be held up so goes slack if it doesn't have big items in but once you have notebooks/jacket/ makeup bag/kindles etc you name it, it holds up between items nicely.

This bag was only £29.99 which is really reasonable for Zara and I already want one in every colour!

You can buy this bag here! [LINK] 

Thursday, 2 October 2014


Hugely raved about, you guessed it, the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets are possibly my favourite lip product I've ever used. I never used to be a huge bold lip girl and admittedly the bold colours I used before didn't have the right texture for me so queue drag queen look however, I am in love with these amazing lip laquers.

Peach Club (04), Personne ne rouge (01), Frambourjoise (02) Ole Flamingo (05)

I currently own four colours in variating shades. Peach Club is very much a pink peach and a very wearable everyday colour, on me people think its red but compared to the other reds in the shade range. Its very light and suits any season. Personne ne rouge is very much a dark red, with no orange undertone so perfect for me for a real dark lip, very Marilyn Monroe red. Frambourjoise is a beautiful colour and sadly didn't show up as well in the swatch, but it is very much a scarlet pink but more muted in colour. Although bold still, it presents more pink undertones than red. And lastly, Ole Flamingo is a beautiful surprising colour, its a beautiful bold neon pink that doesn't actually scream neon on the lips. If you're thinking of a real daring colour that isn't red this is the way to go.

These are amazing in terms of pigmentation and long lasting colour. They are a completely non sticky, lightweight and thin texture lip lacquer that applies easily with a doe foot applicator and once on, stays put until you remove them. I do find the lighter shades last a little less longer but I've never used a product that can keep a lip product on whilst you eat, drink and just general wear. These are really quite unique and I cannot recommend them enough!

You can buy these for only £5 at the moment in Superdrug which is a great saving and price too! They normally retail for £8.99 so this is a great way to try them out too! You can buy these here for only £5 on Superdrugs website! [LINK]

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