Thursday, 30 October 2014


The blogging world is a glamorous one. We're all about the latest trends, constant posting, a new look and being youtube worthy, but deep down, deeep deep down, we're not as glam as our look book says we are when we're blogging. So lets face it girls (and guys) this is a realistic blogger:

A realistic blogger:

Writes blog posts in pj's or comfy clothes whilst writing a post about fashion week... one day Primark's pyjama bottoms will be on the catwalk and you'll all be laughing.

Has to select the best room in the house that gains sunlight to take a batch of photos, and when daylight savings come into use a working or student blogger has no hope.

Will have the text for lots of posts written or lots of photos but never have both simultaneously in sync. 

Wishes google adsense could provide a sustainable income, but alas 1p every few days won't give me my pinterest worthy home. 

Will use face wipes occasionally, and DOESN'T CARE! 

Will take photos of products before they can even open the product or packaging... this could equal a long wait too.

Has to juggle university/work/social/family and chores and more often and not will put blogging before chores... 'Christmas beauty calendars are more important than dishes anyway.'

Gets frustrated when a brand only favourites a link of a review of their product on twitter... seriously. Retweet is right next to it, go on, you know you want to!

Will attempt to understand SEO and act like they get it, but nope... never will... just me?

Owns a 217 blending brush (or similar) and will blend until the wind changes and yet just can't achieve that blended look that youtubers can do so well! 

will read mummy-blogs or baby updates despite being below sixteen/not expecting/not intending on having a child anytime soon or ever intending on having children.

and most importantly, the realistic blogger does not need someone to tell them how to blog, they're fully aware how to write a post and share it, success is a personal achievement and blogging is up to the writer! You don't see journalists telling other journalists how to write a successful article, so why must bloggers do the same! 

Are you a realistic blogger?

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