A new university year is upon me (after the longest holiday ever) so a new bag was well needed, my poor grey new look bag did me well but I needed a BIG bag. Trying to squeeze a Macbook Pro and every other random thing I carry with me everyday was a big push and although I’m not intending on taking my laptop with me to university this year I did want more space for all the other bits and pieces.

I was on the hunt for an exact bag, nothing was screaming at me, I tried everywhere. The last place I looked was Zara and found exactly what I was after. A large bag, big enough for a laptop if needed and with a zip compartment (as well as two others) for my personal and secure items to be stored. I had originally seen this bag when I was on holiday in Madeira in another store but dismissed it but decided this was exactly what I wanted.

I bought this bag in grey/orange however they do a selection of colours and the best part is you can make it work your mood/outfit/season by reversing the bag.

The zip bag inside connects with a strap to the bag handles and is as big as the shopper so you can store items away safely or you can even take this part out! Its really quite functional. The only downside is that the zip insert doesn’t have any structures to be held up so goes slack if it doesn’t have big items in but once you have notebooks/jacket/ makeup bag/kindles etc you name it, it holds up between items nicely.

This bag was only £29.99 which is really reasonable for Zara and I already want one in every colour!

You can buy this bag here! [LINK] 
  • I want!! I love the fact that they're reversible! 🙂 great post x

  • It's brilliant that they come in so many colours so that you find something that suits you. Have my eye on the Maroon one!


  • I love Zara bags for uni! I find that the quality/price ratio is really good with them. I didn't need something quite so big this year so I've gone for a smaller city bag (I already have two of their bigger ones from last year). One thing I don't like about shoppers is that when it rains there's a high chance your stuff is going to get wet, but I like that they've remedied this with a zip insert. I wonder if this would be a good size fro a carry on…

  • i've always love zara but now i'm falling in love with their new collection

  • I went to get the black & red of these after seeing in online and it was sold out. Looks like we have good taste 😉

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  • How well does this fit your macbook and say, a spiral notebook? I have a 13 pro retina and need a tote for school as well! I'm in the US and want to purchase this online – should I?