Tuesday, 2 December 2014


Its December, therefore you cannot stop me from being Christmassy now! Its only 7 more days of University left for me until I'm done and I can't wait. Its been so stressful. So having a little Christmas spirit is the best way to be upbeat! But, I hear you ask... How do students afford Christmas luxuries? It's easy and heres my little low down to how to have the best Christmas on a budget!

CINNAMON EVERYTHING - Cinnamon is such a seasonal scent, and is used on everything at Christmas time. I love the smell of it, yet hate the taste which is quite strange. However I bought this cinnamon and orange candle [LINK] from a trinket shop in my town for only £7.99 which for a 3 wick candle is a bargain. Its amazing quality too, I am so impressed that it hasn't burned out really quickly. I also love this Pinterest post which is a DIY cinnamon decor candle which is very cost effective and beautiful looking. Simply attach cinnamon sticks from the supermarket (around £1 a tub) onto a cheap pillar candle and wrap rope round to infuse the room with a light fragrance of warm cinnamon. Link to Pinterest post [LINK]

POUNDLAND AND HOME STORES- I bought my christmas baubles from B&M Home for only £1.99 which was an absolute bargain for mini baubles which work perfectly on my mini tree. Each year I buy items like tinsel, decor and lights from poundland and cheap stores alike. For me, I am not in a home where I have space until I'm a lot older to keep the same decorations all year round, so for me its easier to buy some that are cheap and if they break or look less good in January, I do not feel so saddened to see them go.

Prices in £ pounds.

BUY NOW- If you're like me and like the Terry's mini chocolate orange bags of sweets, buy them now and stock up so you've got some for the big day. Maybe, this is  more a reminder for me, but I have found some sweets, crisps, drinks, you name it, are not available at good prices, big selections or not available past the holiday seasons so I am stocking up now. I definitely have a good feast over Christmas and it saves you turning up and finding all there is, is mince pies. Am I the only one who hates them?

TEALIGHTS: Tealights are my best friends in the winter. They make a cold corner or darker moodlit room seem so festive and romantic and I love putting them into simple glass holders and watch the glow create a real ambiance. I got 100 tealights from Sainsburys for only £3 which is a bargain, at 3p each, I'm a happy camper. If you have left over jam jars, old candle holders, or even candles that havent reached the end but you can't get anymore to burn, stick a tealight in there and hey presto. Moodlighting. I feel this really creates a happy place for me.

What do you do to decorate your home? Any special tricks or tips you do each year! I know I've still yet to do my orange and clove ties!

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