Friday, 28 February 2014


So like every year, the fourteenth of February comes along and I celebrate another year of my life! This year was a different birthday, my first not being at home or waking up with my parents in the same place so was odd. But enjoyable regardless. I thought I'd show you the makeup and outfits I wore for two events on the day.

For lunch I went to a steakhouse for a valentines/birthday meal, it was so lovely to spend the afternoon with someone who means a lot to me. Excuse the fact I have my eyes closed, but added bonus is that you can see my eyeshadow! Only realised after taking the photo the next day it happened. I am wearing; black dotted lace blouse with black vest underneath tucked into my H&M Black skinny jeans with also my H&M blue blazer.  Primarily all of my clothes are from H&M, love the shop! I wore my trusty and favourite boots of the moment which I have basically worn with EVERYTHING which are my F&F from Tesco Black Chelsea Boots. 

For the night, we went to a bar in Oxford Circus called The Loop, it was so much fun, definitely a 'me' bar, it had two floors, one chart music with lots of cocktails and we had our own table too which was seriously cheap when you get a group together, and then downstairs was a retro disco bar, which was so much fun, had all the classics but good songs going, got to party with all my friends at university which was great! Yes, I had a raging hangover the next day!

My dress is also H&M, surprise surprise! It was only £7.99 and is so flattering on my body shape, I had to wear tights as it was seriously windy but liked how sophisticated it made the dress, and then my gorgeous Next Ankle Boot Stilettos which I got last season. I love these shoes!

I had my hair down all day as its got so long now, its a great length to let it be wild and still look good.

I had a great birthday and will be blogging some of the treats I go too, soon! 

Tuesday, 25 February 2014


On a skincare trial I decided to buy some new peices to upgrade my skincare system! I had heard tons and tons on Bioderma and everyones tried it except me, or so it feels! I decided to find out what the hype was on Micellar waters and what makes this liquid so magical!

The Garnier micellar is new to the market and is always going to be compared to Bioderma, however, since I've not tried that yet this is a rather blunt review. Garnier's Micellar water is to be applied to cotton pads, wiped over the face, eyes and lips to remove all traces of makeup and grime and with no extra toning or rinsing. Simple right? I know I prefer something that doesn't require lots of effort especially after a night out or when you just want to get to bed!

However, unless I'm missing something; I've failed to see the hype! This water doesn't obviously take away the dirt, I cant see huge amounts of the makeup that was on my face on the pad, and Garnier's water definitely does not work on those who wear lots of eye makeup. Eyeshadow can be removed, but eyeliner or mascara is a definite no, unless you want to use the whole bottle. 

In some respects, it does feel like I've purchased a bottle of water... maybe it does work. But I'm also worried it does nothing and my skin has been clogged for the few weeks I've been using this now. Its a good quick fix for sure, but I am worried my skin isn't fully clean after use and still feel the need for a second cleanse. 

If Bioderma is the same then I wont be hatching onto that one, but I doubt it is. Is this one of them products that are a fabulous idea but just wont work on a drugstore market? 

This was £4.99 in boots but is on offer in many places and apparently cheaper in Savers!

What are your thoughts on micellar waters? 

Monday, 17 February 2014


Living in London has been a mission. It genuinely has felt at times, that I’ve had to adjust to a new climate. Traveling on the tube can make you swelter, but then you get off the tube and into the street and feel like it’s the coldest place on earth, or its raining. Therefore dressing for London is a whole task in itself.

I’ve been wearing my trusty and pretty old now, mustard yellow duffle coat, but it again makes me too hot and its simply a bit worn now. I was tired of trying to match an outfit to a yellow coat, that is a task.

I had seen a gorgeous mac in marks and spencer’s but they never seemed to have my size, I eventually managed to get one in my size, and fell in love once it was on. It’s the perfect coat for me, its got the properties of keeping dry and warm enough but not too heavy either.

When I saw the grey on the mannequin I was sold too, it is such a pretty colour and looks so much better on than off. They also do these in a number of colours but I only had my eyes on the grey, which will go with many outfits!

You can get this mac here [LINK] for £45 which is a steal for a decent mac jacket and you know Marks and Spencer are a trusted quality.

Thursday, 6 February 2014


After a little payday splurge in December, I thought it was about time I bought myself a new perfume, and got one that could be a real ‘me’ scent. A lot of my perfumes are gifted and not me, I love them all, don’t get me wrong, but I wanted a scent that was ‘me’ and was one I was sure after sniffs and tests that it was right for me.

I spent a good half an hour testing so many, and I was torn between Burberry Original, and Weekend. I went with Weekend in the end, oh a rhyme, because it was just a tad stronger in scent. Boots, as they often do had a sale on a lot of their perfumes, often the cheaper or 30ml ones. I find I don’t need to buy a big bottle of scent unless I absolutely love it, as I love changing scents up throughout the year anyway.

The Burberry Weekend scent is for the ‘outdoorsy’ person, apparently! I would definitely say you wouldn’t often find me outdoors in the woods, but you would find me in an open shopping center, does that count? The scent is a citrus floral, with the sharp sweet citrus coming through first then the floral is what lingers for the rest of the day. There’s also a touch of musk, which you find at the base, notes when the scent has been worn throughout the day which I like, I’m not a huge fan of white musk on its own but it’s a nice addition to this perfume.

I love that this is a ‘perfume’ rather than eau de toilette, I find EDT’s just DO NOT last as long as you want them too. Whereas this perfume lasts! I find it has double the lasting power of a EDT and I find two spritzes on my neck area is enough for the day, whereas a EDT I normally go to town on, and even the wrists. This would be too much if I applied everywhere but means even at 30ml it lasts much longer.

I’ve been using this everyday for nearly a month now and I’ve barely gone past the top.

At only £17.99 for 30ml, [LINK] it’s a bargain of a perfume and a gorgeous scent, maybe if you’re not a strong floral scented girl during the day, then this is a great ‘going out’ or evening perfume.

Make sure to check boots out for this during their perfume offers, this is sure to be one they add often. 

Tuesday, 4 February 2014


A few weeks ago I was contacted by Born Pretty Store to try one of their gorgeous womens’s watch’s. This was a hard task to choose, there were so many unique designs, especially the bracelet watch, led watch and wristwatches but I went on girlie instinct and chose this beauty.

This is the Women's Watch Rhinestones Waterproof Leather Quartz Analog Wrist Watch, which can be bought in four different colours. I went with white as I do love a white watch with gold, its quite girlie but completely me!

I really like how it sits on my wrist, the face isn’t too big, and for once a watch strap that fits even my tiny wrist perfectly.

The best part, the price. Born Pretty Store offers a HUGE range of watches at super prices, the watch I have is only £4.01, where else can you get a watch that looks expensive, that cheap.

There’s a huge range within the site aswell, the bracelet style wrap around watches are gorgeous too and were definitely second choice, but they also have practical wrist watches too. All too meet your need or trend.

To get your watch from this store, and remember to turn the currency to £ so you know what affordable price your working with,  do check out  I am also offering my readers a 10% off code as well! So a great chance to get a watch for every occasion!

Sunday, 2 February 2014


For Christmas I received Benefit’s Gimmie Some Lovin’ set, which included Benefits famous Hoola Bronzer.  Ever since I have known about Benefit, I have been dying to get my hands on it, but it’s always been too much for just a bronzer in my opinion. However, receiving as a gift and as a cheaper way to buy the products, I was very happy to get this set, and the god sent bronzer.

Hoola bronzer is a matte tan colour that doesn’t scream muddy brown or disastrous orange but a complimentary colour for adding a glow to the skin or as a contour. I use a small contour brush like the Sigma tampered highlighter brush or a duo fibre brush to apply to the contour, and around the temples. It blends like a beauty, there are no obvious tide lines, and works perfectly to blend into the skin creating the tanned look rather than obvious contour too. I find this works really well for even my pale skin, which I’m super, happy about.

There’s no sparkle, no glitter, just matte bronzer, which yes is matte, but I feel it still provides a healthy finish rather than plain faced look.

At £23.50 it’s not the cheapest bronzer, but its quickly replacing my MAC Refined Golden, and we all know how much I loved that bronzer. I just find this one blends and looks slightly more natural to my skin tone.

It is however, the UK best selling bronzer and has won lots of awards, so I can hardly compete with that statistic. I am in love with a bronzer and her name is hoola…

Available from feelunique for £23.50 [LINK

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