Tuesday, 29 April 2014


I've been continually reaching for the same products in my makeup bag yet not shown them in any full roundup so heres a collection of some of my absolute gems at the moment!

The porefessional, as you know, every month of every year is my favourite primer, will keep repurchasing until my dying days...or if it becomes discontinued. Its just the perfect primer, you've heard me talk about this far too many times but if you want a product to make your makeup last all day and give a great base for application of all other products, this is the one!

I added a new foundation to my collection last month and Estee Lauder Double Wear in Ecru is my newest love. A real winner for a full coverage foundation out of the ones I've tried so far, and covers all blemishes. My skin is in good condition at the moment luckily so this sits perfectly too. Not drying, not cakey just perfect.

I am very low on it, but my Benefit Boi-ing Concealer in 01 is a beautiful concealer for under the eyes, yet I'm running low! I will definitely buy the full size at some point as its just a wonderful concealer.

For cheeks I ALWAYS turn to Hoola for contour and bronzing, this is just a beautiful bronzer. So creamy to apply which makes no sense to say for a powder but is just so smooth and blendable. I apply Sleek Pink Lemonades blush by three palette and use the Pink Mint (the coral shade) on my cheeks, this is a very similar colour to Rose Gold by Sleek or Orgasm by Nars. The contoured and sculpted look it gives my cheeks is beautiful, love this combination at the moment.

I set all foundation with my MAC Mineralise Skinfinish Natural, this is a really lightweight powder which is great for such a heavy foundation, it just takes the shine off slightly but leaves a silky finish, a real star for the warmer weather.

I've found a little eye look that works so well in a rush, I use a blending blush and use my bronzer or contour colour in my eye lid crease then apply the Me Me Me dew pot over the lid, its a shimmery champagne colour yet this could work with any cream shadow, the look is effortless and sculpted yet beautiful. I finish it with a flick of Inglot Eyeliner in 77 if time and this just completes the look.

Lastly, I fell in love with my old friend MAC Viva Glam Gaga lipstick, this pink was the first mac lipstick I ever bought and just works with these products. A firm favourite.

What products are you loving at the moment? 

Saturday, 26 April 2014


Starting to feel like its not humanely possible to enter Boots or Superdrug if they have 3 for 2 and only buy the one thing you really needed. I needed a new eyeliner, so instead I bought nail polish, eyeliner and a lipstick! This is how girls work, its more math than anything.

The eyeliner I needed was a repurchase, I really like the Rimmel eyeliners, have done since I was about 15. The Scandaleyes Eyeliners are similar to Avon Gel Pencils but these are simply easier to buy in stores rather than a lady down the neighbourhood who has to deliver them.  Seriously black and perfect for tightlining! This was £3.99.

I also decided I hadnt worn nail polish in weeks since my job requires only nude colours, I felt that was a little pointless as nude often looks bad on my nails unless its super shiny. However, I haven't tried Essie before and found this really cute set of mini polishes for £12.99. This was a great set to try them out and see whether I think a full size bottle would be worth it. I've a review to come of this, but tried these and found them amazing. What I'm happy about is that these are limited edition bottles either, so I know I can buy these full sized. Happy Lisa, with super shiny nude nails!

Finally, whats a girl without a new lipstick. I have actually been looking for the perfect; moisturising, long lasting, my lips but better, looks good with dark eyes, cheap and season appropriate, PINK! I found one! After watching Anna Saccone's latest video on nude lipsticks, I was interested in looking at what Rimmel had to offer as she rated them well. I found 101 which is part of the Kate Moss collection and is the nicest pink ever! Looks very bubblegum but on the lips is a bright light pink, in the sense that yes it does pop out the colour well, yet is still a wearable everyday colour. This was only £5.50!

Have you found any new steals in the 3 for 2 at the moment?

Thursday, 24 April 2014


I was recently contacted by Viking, a office supply, stationary and furniture supplier! Similar to Staples etc, this online store is just heaven for a stationary freak like me, or even an organiser!

I was given the opportunity to choose a range of products which would be of use to me, and this couldn't of come at a better time than revising for my university exams. Viking supply EVERYTHING, you could possibly think of. Notepads, pukkapads, grid pads, all sizes. To stationary from pens, felt pens, pencils, every pen you could need to suit your requirements, in large quantities at superb prices. Some of the items come in bulk to suit office needs, however, these work out so cost affective too, a great way to have endless supplies! 

Not only, do they do everything pen related, they even supply the absolute necessities to an office, the coffee, the water, the chocolates, yes even the chocolate! I decided to get the water packs they do, I got 24 bottles of 500ml Buxton Water for £10.49 which is an absolute bargain and great always have a bottle handy. Water in London to me tastes so bad so I love having bottled water.

I also received some amazingly coloured fineliners, perfect for note revision cards. A stapler, staples and paperclips were almost a must, I didn't own one and have needed them countless times, so I'm pleased to have them in my possession, plus I've always wanted Office Depot items as these seem to normally only be in the USA.

This pen, is a beauty, it writes beautifully, a heavy metal but elegant in design and even came with a spare refill. So although this pen arrived blue, I was able to swap it for the black that came with it and fit my fussy needs for black pens!

I couldn't recommend the site more, I'm super amazed at the prices, who needs an office to have all the goodies in life! I will definitely be buying the chocolate in weeks to come, must need the energy boosts whilst writing in style!

Check them out at http://www.viking-direct.co.uk/ 

Wednesday, 23 April 2014


With a Debenhams gift card to Boot I decided to finally take the plunge and buy me the godfather of full coverage foundations. Estee Lauder Double Wear is a well known gem to the beauty community. Countless of youtuber's use it in tutorials, and I've always been envious of Milly from pearlsandpoodles flawless skin and knew she used this foundation on occasion too.

The only fault I've found with the product so far, was buying it. The sales assistant in the Oxford Street branch was hardly 'selling' it too me, maybe I was giving off signs I was going to buy it anyway, but I felt like I knew more than she did. She didn't really tell me anything about it, she just matched me. Was a little disheartened about that, if I was to buy this out of my own money rather than voucher I probably would've taken my sale elsewhere. As a sales assistant myself, selling the product gets you places.

Regardless, the foundation matched me perfectly, I am in the shade Ecru, 1N2, which in relation to mac shades I'm normally a NC20. The product comes in a glass jar and has no pump. I just put a little on my hand or more often directly on my brush and only need a small amount, despite being thick, on application this spreads evenly then sets on the face. The foundation lasts all day, never would I thought I'd say it but it really does. It also has SPF10 in it which is always a bonus!

This covers even dark undereye circles, and rarely need much concealer under my eyes anymore. It just works and hasn't broken me out either. I'm very very happy with this foundation, and gives me flawless face makeup!

At £29.50 its a bit pricer than previous foundations I've purchased however I'm more pleased with this than studio fix fluid as that does feel heavy on the skin whereas Double Wear doesnt.

This can be found in Department Stores or Boots stores!

Monday, 21 April 2014


I'm really starting to appreciate how I dress at the moment, and am experimenting with more accessories. I thought I'd do a selection of my outfits throughout the week and post it up for you. These all vary on the day, occasion, and some weeks will be quieter if I don't leave the house to dress up as such. However, I've really been loving these outfits below. 

Left to Right

Dress- Primark £8 (
instore now)
Hat- H&M £4.99

Striped Long Sleeve Top - Primark £2
Paperboy Shorts- H&M
Sunglasses and Belt also H&M

Blue Jacket- Debenhams £14
Jumper - H&M £7.99
Jeans- H&M £7.99
Shirt- H&M £12.99
Necklace- Debenhams*

Cardigan - Primark
(two season ago)
Shirt - Hollister £10 (outlet)
Shorts- H&M
Necklace- Debenhams*

As you can tell, I really like H&M....

Let me know if you want to see more fashion posts!

*PR Sample

Sunday, 13 April 2014


As a student, and as a general lover of good food I've wanted to start embracing more well cooked home foods, at a easy price and quick to cook too! I'm going to the gym more often and want something that isn't a McDonalds to counteract it all. I don't go to the gym to lose weight but I would like to keep on top of good home cooked foods for sure. I know its not the norm to have recipes on The Beauty Type but hopefully will be a regular occurrence as I'm sure many students follow me and some will be starting in September and want to know some quick fire meals!

I had a rummage in my cupboard and fridge and only needed five ingredients,  Chicken, This can be any sort you like, I used some drumsticks and pulled the meat off once cooked. Tomato Sauce/ Salsa I had lots of salsa sachets left from taco boxes that I never end up using, so this was a great way to use them up. Tomatoes, Pesto and Pasta. Pesto is a great investment, it adds a flavour to items with minimal effort and costs very little considering how much you use each meal.

Recipe: I cooked the chicken in the oven for 30 minutes and whilst that was reaching the time, I heated up a pan, and added tomatoes to the pan. I also started the pasta which I like quite soft. By the time the tomatoes were sizzling away, I then bought the chicken out of the oven, took all the meat off it, added that to the tomatoes, then finished with pesto, mixing that around. I only used half a teaspoon of pesto and this was plenty. So a whole teaspoon if cooking for two people and so on. Finally I added some salsa sauce and let this cook off.

Drained the pasta, added to bowl, put the meat and sauce on top and enjoyed! A very quick meal to make and tastes super sophisticated, I felt like I could work in Prezzo's (totally shouldnt and cant) but it was a nice change from simple pasta sauces. Pasta has made me feel bloated often but I feel the pesto had stopped that feeling as it gives it a spice. This meal probably only costed around £1 to make with all the ingredients, affordable too!

What do you think? Let me know if you try it or if you have any recipes to share for a fellow student

Friday, 11 April 2014


Sleek are always on top form after wanting their Rose Gold blush for what feels like years, I was actually pleasantly surprised when I saw the most beautiful blush pallet instead by the brand.

Their Blush By 3 palettes are only £9.99 which considering their single blush is £4.99 you essentially get an extra blush in these palletes! I decided to go for the newest addition which is Pink Lemonade, a mixture of two power blushes in a pink and peach with a cream blush too.


Superdrug explain “The inspiration behind Pink Lemonade is the traditional, old fashioned English tea party with three decadent pinks. This refreshing palette includes the shades Icing, Macaroon and Pink Mint.”

I think all three shades are completely my type and suit whatever look I want to sport for the day! I don’t even know if I can say I have a favourite as they are all so pretty and are my favourite for certain styles,for instance on a day to day I seem to be wearing the bright pink but on a more dressed up occasion I go for the cream or the peach.
These contain a nice amount of sheen to the face too which makes you look radiant and not matte in the face which is how I like my blushers to be.

These are available from Boots [HERE] and Superdrug [HERE] for £9.99!

Saturday, 5 April 2014


Effaclar Duo+ is my saving grace, yes I fully believe thats how this review should begin. I’ve found exactly what my skin has needed since I was thirteen. My skin has always been scarred from teenage acne, at nineteen my skin only gets hormonal spots now but it can look like I still have acne when I am not wearing makeup simply because of the scars. Its because of this that I could never really define my skin type, it gets dry easily on the forehead, hormonal on the chin and cheeks are fine, so its all a bit mix and match.

I was in boots about three months ago now and saw this on offer and after so many you tubers especially raving about this, at £10 when on offer I was super excited to try it. The Effaclar duo is anti blemish cream that targets signs of oily, blemish prone skin. It improves the appearance of blemishes, unclogs blocked pores, refines texture of the skin, controls shine and with the new + formula fights against the appearance of marks (scars). The texture is a light well gel and has no scent, no paragons, non comedogenic and is suitable for even sensitive skins.

I used to apply this morning and evening alone after cleansing, it took about a week to see any difference of any sort, after four weeks especially after hormonal spots I did notice dramatic difference. This was a good judge of time to test it too as the skin renews every 28 days. The scars were fading, my nose area was dramatically less clogged and my chin was getting better at less spots.

The only issue I had was, was that my forehead was still dry especially in-between my eyebrow and around and that meant applying makeup looked cakey. I recently decided to start wearing this underneath my moisturiser which is currently L’Occitane Precious Cream (which I love and will review soon) and have seen even faster improvement.

Some scars are going to take time but for the most part I’ve had very very few blemishes if any on my forehead, only about two on my chin during hormonal times and none anywhere else whilst using this. At first I was very cautious of it not working but I have found adding a extra moisturiser increases the skin textures improvement.

I am a big fan and even at £15.50 when not on offer is a real steal to improve the texture of the skin, which many can relate to when they don’t have acne anymore but still suffer years on.

You can buy this product from Boots here. 

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