Friday, 30 May 2014


May has been a hectic study month, exams are all finished and now its time to actually care what I look like, rather than worry about the bare face I sported for the majority of the month.

London saw some beautiful weather...for about two days, so of course, no showing the pins was complete without some fake tan to pretend I was ready for the sun! I rekindled my love with He-Shi liquid tan which I reviewed a long time back but found the beauty again! You can check out my review and swatches with tan here. [LINK] Its a great tan to use and love the colour that it achieves. You shouldn't moisturise which I think is the most helpful part as it doesn't get tacky or move! 

After going to the gym more frequently my body has seen improvements, (YAY!) but lets not celebrate yet, I then gained a couple of stretch marks which wasn't helpful, but I've been using the L'Occitane Fabulous Skin Oil in the Shea range which is a beautiful oil to nourish the skin and moisturise without leaving a film or taking ages to sink in. I know stretch marks take a while to heal but I like to assist using oils as you can really massage these in and add moisturiser to enhance the oil properties. 

I've been really enjoying pink girlie items this month, I've been swaying to more rose based items and pink makeup products. I love a good contour and bronzed faced with a shimmer blush, matte blushes tend to wash me out unless its slightly satin so Vivo's Peaches and Cream blush which was so popular when Vivo was launched is my favourite this month. The gorgeous mineralise blush with pinks,purples and peaches is just gorgeous!

The fragrance I've reached for all month is Just Pink by Next. I had a gift card last month for next and really didn't know what clothing to buy knowing I'd have to add towards the voucher amount. When looking in the fragrance section I found a £10 Just Pink set with the EDT, A roll on EDT and a Just Pink tinned fragrance rub on. It was such a bargain and when I sprayed it, it took me back to my teenage years. The 13/14 years when I was just discovering the beauty world and the first fragrance I owned that wasn't high end and that wasn't an impulse body spray. It is just such a classic fragrance, similar to Lacoste Pink this is just the perfect girlie scent and I am glad to have a beautiful bottle of it in my possession.

The nail combo I've been wearing most recently is applying Barry M Gelly in Guava as a base and applying a layer or two of OPI Gone Gonzo polish on top to create a bold blue glitter fest. It looks so much fun on the nails, the only downside to this is that neither hand stayed for a long lasting look. I don't think together they last but for a night out or one occasion these will be a look I'll go for again!

My final favourite has been Lancome Doll Eyes Mascara in waterproof, I purchased this when they were celebrating a anniversary of the mascara range and were selling the mascaras at £10 each. I really didn't know which to get but went with Doll Eyes. Its a wonderful purchase, its a real 'eye opener' mascara and although not hugely lengthening as my beloved Benefit They're Real, its a great catch. I probably wouldn't pay full price for this because it just doesn't match They're Real but for £10 I'm in love since so many drug store mascaras are sold at that price and just cannot compare.

What have you been loving this month? 

Sunday, 11 May 2014


 Another week of outfits, however this is a much smaller collection of outfits, as I've not had many pictures to show you. Most of this month has consisted of revision so been in hoodies and jeans, boring! However I do feature one below, that is super comfy and was a steal.

So here we go; the outfit on the left is an outfit I wore for a wedding.

The dress surprisingly is Tesco, and was only £25, you can buy this here.  My nude strappy mid heel shoes were from New Look, you can buy these here. This was a really affordable outfit for the occasion and loved dressing up. The dress and shoes are pretty enough for the rest of the year too and not too formal so I will be wearing these lots over the summer!

Below, is my revision outfit. In this photo you can see how well my teeth look after the Crest Whitening Strips, which I reviewed here. I've been working on comfort, and the white Hollister hoodie has been dreamy. It was super soft when I bought it but worried it wouldnt wash as nicely but it has! With my Red or Dead glasses.

My last outfit is for work, I rarely wear a skirt for work but I wore a H&M Dress with tights and cardi with t shirt over the top to keep warm with my tesco boots.

More outfits will be on the way soon, once I have more reason to dress up than just revising! 

Thursday, 8 May 2014


I recently heard about the newest app called Jinn, basically, its what we've all been waiting for. A service that you simply say exactly what you want, where you live, and a courier collects and delivers it. It could be anything, anything that isn't normally deliverable in a day or food, or anything your heart desires.

The app is fairly straight forward, enter your details into your profile. You have to sign into the app using a Facebook account but this doesn't go onto your profile or post anything  (phew, I don't want anyone knowing about my need for McDonalds). Then add your phone number so they can text you the details of your order.

You say what you want, where too, then two minutes later receive a confirmation by text and a ETA. With my order I even had an update to say it had been picked up and they were on there way but maybe 10-15 minutes late due to traffic but they were still well within the ETA of 45 mins. Great timing!

Of course, for my first order I went for the delectable Nandos, a student must have revision meal, it was yummy, served hot still and was exactly what I had ordered.

The idea was great, I could still keep studying without a need to have a break to make or go get my lunch and since I accidentally laid in that day, it meant I didn't have a unnecessary break. Perfect for hangovers, students, and offices. I could also juggle work with Total Media media agency whilst having lunch, talk about on the go!
You do have to pay a £5.95 delivery + 10% but this is nothing when its quick, efficient and often something you may have to go far to get and pay travel either way.

You can get the app from the apple store or play store for free! So what you waiting for!

Check out the website here too to find out more!

*Currently this app is only available in Central London boroughs, but I'm sure once this takes off which Im sure it will, will be more widely available.

I was given this as a blogger sample opportunity but views are all my own!*

Tuesday, 6 May 2014


Its nearly 11pm on a Weekday evening and I've been spending the whole day in a book, so its the perfect way to relax before than doing it all again tomorrow to show how I've been revising during this exam season. I currently am in University, and studying a Journalism BA. I'm in my first year, so its one of them cliches where I bet a lot of people will say first year doesn't count, but I want to do well of course, at £9000 I damn well want too! 

So I thought I'd show you the tips and techniques I use to revise, I haven't revised for proper exams in three years so its been a struggle. So hopefully this will help any GCSE, A Level takers or any other University students!

ORGANISE ALL NOTES: I've learnt the hard way that the notes you take from your years lectures and seminars, are going to be your lifeline for revising. Some of my notes are gold, but others lack the understanding of the subject. The more clear I've been or thorough the more helpful it is. Regardless, sorting all of the notes I have, or collecting the missing ones has been thoroughly helpful. I put them in a lever arch file and have been adding to this each day with new notes. I've my Politics and History of Journalism in one folder with a divider in the middle. I put my reading lists, with all the pages and books according to lecture/subject in the front and then work through the folder in almost chronological order. I've learnt for next year to make more of an effort in note taking for future reference.

STATIONARY: Having nice stationary to write with makes the world of difference. I have a punched hole A4 pad to write in so its easy to slot into the folder. I use coloured pens, a lovely writing pen and highlighters to write up my notes so everything looks aesthetically pleasing to the eye and has key points ready to see. In my mind I know what is important, or a key word etc. Highlighting dates is also helpful. It just gives you a little pleasure out of writing, and can be a treat to yourself if like me, you like stationary. 

RESOURCES: Make use out of books and resources, these are normally vast extensions to notes from lectures. These are great to expand on thoughts and ideas. Always question yourself, and think what questions would come from this topic. For instance, for my history, the BBC was founded by John Reith, we have to question whether this is accidental that it was founded or whether it was his personal achievement. Its thinking outside of the box all the time, to think of possible exam questions.  Saying that, ask your lecturers or teachers if you can have past papers, even its only last years, its a great indication of what could come up, or you know what will of been asked. These are really good ways to test yourself because you're bound to cover all knowledge this way. You'll be able to think of more questions spiralling off this too.

THE STUDY SKILLS BOOK : I was having a lot of trouble with my grades at the beginning of the year, so enlisted this book. You can buy it on amazon here [LINK] Basically I wish I bought this before I started university, it tells you everything, from day one, to dissertations. No matter what you're studying it covers it, it has lots of tips, tricks, little facts, guides, easy to read sections, all at your disposal. Its been so helpful with my studies. Even a exam prep guide telling you how to sleep better, what vitamins to take. Its so helpful and helped massively with everything to do with university.

WHAT ELSE?! My day to day routine on a revision day, is wake as early as possible. Start fresh, wake early, eat a good breakfast with a pint of water. Get your brain functioning well. Dont wear PJ's, its tempting but puts me in lazy mode. I have a pint of water sitting next to me whilst I get studying to keep sipping. The aim is two litres daily, I've been doing so whilst revising and its helped massively, I feel so much more healthier and helps you feel so much more alert.

I ensure I have a lunch hour, to eat a good lunch, catch up on things like emails, social media and my phone then go back to revising. Otherwise I could stop so easily then. I do take things a little easier in the afternoon but only slowly.

Eating healthily, a clean room, window open, sun shining through. Perfect!

So thats my top tips, and how I study. I hope its of some use to some of you in the same boat! Let me know your tips too and good luck!!

Monday, 5 May 2014


As mentioned in a previous small boots haul I purchased the Essie Professional Routine Mini set. This gorgeous set holds three 15ml bottles of polish, a base coat, polish and a top coat. This set is to create a simple sophisticated nail for any occasion.

I havent used Essie before or even used in it an salon so was excited to see what the well deserved hype was about.

In the set you get Essie's First Base Base Coat, which on the company website is described as a rubber adhesive bond polish that sets to the nail surface to protect colour and create a smooth canvas for application. I love a base coat, it really protects the nail and helps application for sure, not a gimmick at all.  I like to think of a base coat as a primer for the nails!

The main colour polish you receive to create your professional look is Mademoiselle, this is one of Essie's award winning bestseller polishes. A beautiful nude pink, I applied three layers to create a more full effect of colour but even the first application was beautiful, just a nice sweep to create a gloss effect. I can see why this is a popular colour, as well as a popular brand.

The brushes are of preference too, I like a rounder fuller brush as I have thin hands, fingers and nails so I can normally get away with one big sweep over the nail to cover the whole nail.

I applied three layers and waited until just dry to apply the Good to Go Top Coat, this again is described as a fast acting drying agent, sets the nail colour and gives a brilliant shine. By that it does, I cant stop looking at my nails, they are so so shiny! I love shiny nails, it really screams professional look and the salon style.

Full size bottles of Essie are £8 yet for the quality are totally worth it and a huge range of colours to try too! I don't think I'll create a whole collection out of them but for occasion I am most willing to buy more colours!

Any recommendations? 

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