Thursday, 27 November 2014


Rainy hair and laughter, laughter is the best medicine after all!

If you've wondered why I've been absent of late, its official. Second year of university is the hardest thing I've ever done. I have never been so stressed, tired and generally bored recently. I'm bored due to lack of free time during the week to do what I want to do. One fortnight I wasn't able to find the effort nor the time to do a clothes wash, its amazing how many outfits my wardrobe held though! However, I have accomplished a lot, and hopefully next term will be more lax, for now heres an update for my second year's, first term. 

[If you do not know I am a Journalism BA Year 2 Undergrad, Student in London]

WORK LOAD: The work load for my second term is overwhelming, at first I was on top of it like never before. But soon it became too much, and as a commuter too I spend 2 hours of my day travelling so I miss them hours too. Its a very busy time and I have many deadlines within days of each other which is quite daunting. Luckily, I've completed everyone and although some weren't perfect or as I'd of liked, I feel proud of myself that I've managed to do something and do the work that is asked of me. All I can suggest for any future year 2 students is, look well ahead for every project or deadline and be prepared for projects well in advance. For instance, one of my projects required interviews, I should of contacted weeks before I did to secure them.

COMMUTING: I commute for university this year as London was too expensive for me to live in. I quite enjoy commuting, however I hate rush hour in the morning. Not getting a seat when you're shattered as hell from a 6am start is not ideal, however, I normally get home for the afternoon or I have afternoon lectures so its swings and roundabouts with my current timetable.

TIME FOR ME: As you can tell, my blog has taken a massive back seat considering the amount I was blogging during the summer. However, I like to give my self some or most of the weekend off at the moment. I know it seems trivial but giving yourself time to chill out, do something enjoyable, see friends or just spend time with my boyfriend or family means the world and takes your mind off the stress. I can't wait for Christmas to say the least.

LAUGH: The picture above is from my video project I had to do which was the biggest stress ever, however, I laugh a lot, and when recording with friends theres always something fun about doing videos as you always create outtakes. I really liked this natural shot too haha, however the point here is the best things in life are to have fun and not take life too seriously. I get stressed over these projects however, I have lots of good things and Christmas to look forward to, so I don't make myself stay up till midnight doing a project, because theres always something else to think about thats a bit more fun! Never let it take over to the point of no fun.

I hope I haven't scared any of you, however, I wish someone told me to take everything in my stride a lot more and plan well well ahead. 

Do any graduates or third years have any tips for my second year be it for term two or exams? 

Tuesday, 25 November 2014


The Autumn/Winter transition is my favourite time of the year. I love nothing more than winter fashions, layers, scarves and dark colours for makeup. I have been reaching for these two products more often that I realised recently and had to share my love for them.  

Inglot eyeshadows are a thing of beauty and so rarely given the time of day, I think if they had better names than a number, we'd be shouting about them everyday. These eyeshadows are part of their freedom system palettes which are similar to the mac palettes but a hell of a lot cheaper! You can by small compacts or larger ones, but I really wanted an everyday palette I could take anywhere with me and this 2 pan was only £6 with magnetic fasten, super strong magnets may I add!

 is the lightest of these two colours which to me is a beautiful golden taupe with copper and pink shimmer undertones which compliment beautifully. Think rose gold, but in an eyeshadow and when all over the lid, it is so pretty.

423 is the darker shadow which I felt was the perfect accompanying eyeshadow to 31. This dark mauve also contains a hint of shine to it and has a slight brown colour too it too which works perfectly for a crease colour. 

These eyeshadows are only £5 each so you could easily create your perfect duos, quads or more for a fraction of the price of MAC! These are the perfect winter colours for a small duo too, and look so autumnal and smokey ready for winter! The hint of shine in both of these provides the perfect winter frosting finish.You can buy inglot freedom palettes here.[LINK]

V05 Give Me Texture texturising spray is a bit of an odd one to add to winter favourites I'm sure you'l agree however, how did I live without this before. After hearing a lot about the Oribe texturising spray, which is way over my budget I decided to try this out for a mere £2 whilst doing a supermarket shop. 

This is a great addition to anyone with lifeless (drops easy) hair, which is my hair all over. When I straighten my hair it can look so very thin and flat to my head due to the thin texture of my hair, a quick spray of this through the roots and crown and texture galore. Its not so much a volumiser but provides more of a messy look to provide that texture to lift the hair. I really love this product and have used it everyday since, especially on damp days where I know my hair will droop quicker than Droopy the dogs expression.  You can buy this here! [LINK]

What have you been loving this winter to get through the transition? 

Wednesday, 5 November 2014


October has been the fastest month of the year, University has taken over my life and I've been savouring the weekends to just simply relax, or to catchup! However, my beauty loves are not far away keeping me in check during the busy times. You always need a good treat to keep you motivated right?

Maybelline have been killing it in my makeup bag recently, I went a bit crazy on a 3 for 2 and am in love, its such a love hate brand for me as I find them so overwhelming as such a huge brand that I wonder how good some items are. However their Master Precise [LINK] and Master Drama [LINK] eyeliners are absolutely wonderful. I was having such trouble with eyeliner 'eyebrows' as my boyfriend calls it, where your eyeliner transfers to the crease after a long day. I bought this on a whim and hadn't even read a single review on these either. The Precise as a liquid liner is a simple pen black liner that stays put and doesn't cause creasing or fading, with the Master Drama pencil a black kohl liner, Kohl's never last all day but this one is a nice one that doesn't smudge everywhere during the day.

The most impressive product is the Brow Drama mascara gel in Dark Blonde [LINK]. I'm not one to play with brow products, I've tried many but find I dislike the drawn on brow look on me as I'm not very good at it and with blonde hair I look a bit funny. This will be reviewed in full soon however I've been loving this for a defined but natural looking brow. Bourjois One Seconde Mascara [LINK] is a great mascara for everyday glamour. This really covers every lash and although its a huge brush, once you get to grips with the size it really is such a great easy mascara to use.

For body I've been loving Urban Tan's Glamour Gloss [LINK] gradual tanner and moisturiser. This is such an underestimated product, and as ever a review to come. This is a really light gradual tan but over a few weeks you find a nice glow to your skin but most importantly NO horrible tan smell, and this covers your skin in such moisturising lotion that its a great moisturiser too. Ideal for applying during fake tan wearing if you prefer a heavy one, this would be a great one to maintain the colour.

Garnier's Micellar Water [LINK] is such a love hate product. When I first used this I hated it, and thought it was a gimmick. However, I ran out of Liz Earle (crying) and decided to try this again. Previously it broke me out however, after using it for weeks now I'm loving it. Its not perfect and by no means no match on Liz Earle however, for a quick and easy makeup remover its great. I find makeup removal so laborious sometimes that this is wonderful when you're tired.

For the shower L'Occitane  Bonne Mere in Rosemary is a great shower gel to use and super easy and smells amazing, there's not much to say as it is a shower gel but this is such a moisturising and super yummy smell for a shower gel I felt it deserved a mention. The smell of this really reminds me of being on holiday, as I write this and look out to a very grey Essex and think how I wish I could be on a Fred Olsen cruise and taking cruises from the UK to a hot sunnier climate! Alas, a daily commute to London will have to suffice!

And lastly, student battles won and I decided L'occitane's precious cream couldn't be replaced due to funds so on a trip to Aldi a few months ago I bought Aldi's Lacura Aqua Face Cream as a backup. My boyfriend uses this moisturiser and at around £2 a jar its ridiculously cheap. I do think this is one of their products you won't find all year round but when you do I recommend it. It does not offer promises but as a general moisturiser it works brilliantly. If you're a guy then definitely use this, its guy friendly and fuss free!

What have you been loving this month? 

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