Monday, 19 January 2015


As some of you may be aware last year, from September to June I lived in London, predominately Angel/Old Street area which is north of the River and pretty much one of the most central parts to the City. The area borders Oxford Street and Central, its a short walk from The City of London and all the banking and business side of things and then its also quite close to the ever so trendy Shoreditch and 'cool' areas around there. Essentially, if you're not loaded and can't live in Chelsea... Angel/Old Street is probably one of the best places to be to be in the heart of London.

However, everyone is constantly raving about the city, and I still commute to London 5 days a week during rush hours, for university everyday and I think London is an amazing place, so much to do, great places to see, so much culture, freedom, happiness and so much food. But I feel sometimes London is a scary place to do, and I think it needs to be said that London isn't as amazing as everyone makes out. Obviously, this is my personal experience and bare in mind I lived in Halls, I am a student and was only 18/19 at the time, however this is something I want some people to bare in mind when thinking about a move to the capital.

  1. Everything is so expensive. London may own more 24/7 supermarkets, Tesco Express' and be alive at all hours of the day, but this isn't a good thing. Food in supermarkets is very expensive due to lack of 'big' supermarkets. Traveling can be costly depending on your day and restaurants can be a bit pricier depending on what you're after. For a day trip, these expenses are a one off, for permanent stays, can add up. 
  2. With the biggest population of England, it is still a lonely place to be.  Trying to find a common ground is difficult and approaching a big city with few friends is tricky if they are set up for the busy lifestyle.  In London, the quote 'you could be surrounded by thousands of people and still feel lonely' applied a lot. I feel like every one is for themselves and you have to be prepared to do things like explore, travel, eat, venture by yourself in the city.
  3. Lifestyles change in the city. By this, I mean that having a lazy day in the country or town can still involve having a walk into town or the shops, or spending a day out can still be quite relaxed and feel like down-time. I felt like in London you constantly are thinking about what's next. Even on a lazy day, I would be getting ready for the next day, I probably would of popped to the shops and still faced a crowd or passed a tube station. Its very busy and bustling and Sunday's a not like a quiet town life quiet. Shops do not close dead on 4pm and that's it, silence. The city keeps moving and that is something that can make you feel very busy and constantly moving. Great for motivation and keeping active, leisurely and social but if you need your comfort Sundays, not so good. 
  4. Rent. We all know, London rent is extremely overpriced and ridiculous. I did consider carry on living in London and I felt paying what I pay for my current flat of 2 bedrooms, a huge lounge and kitchen with 2 bathrooms, for a grotty tiny one bedroom, sharing a small lounge that doubled as pretty much everything else too, was not ideal. I am very much a comforts needer. I need space, I need cleanliness, I like the ability to have living separate from bedroom and do not like the cramped housing London gives. My train journey on my commute passes many blocks of flats that have wide windows, with no curtains or blinds that means I could essentially see into someones home. That would be an awful thing to have happen. 
I do think sharing is always the option in London, and there are some deals out there. But, personally, anything outside of the M25, is half the price and this is what I've learnt from my experience. London estate agents also lump on fees and provide a less personal service too.

I'm not trying to scare monger any potential movers, if you want to move to London you'll go ahead I'm sure. But I think the glitz, glam and busy lifestyle is something that looks idilic but can be daunting and snatch your money from you and therefore reducing how glam your experience could be.
If you have any questions please do ask, I'd be really happy to help. Living in London definitely has its perks, who wouldn't wanna live in the capital and live right near Oxford Street and experience all the culture and sights.  But setting up a long term home, isn't as simple as it seems.

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