Wednesday, 18 February 2015


Another Valentines has rolled around, and so has another birthday for me. No longer a teenager and loving it, I'm probably the only person who wants to keep growing up.

This year I spent my birthday with my parents in the morning, and then me and my boyfriend went to Gauchos steak restaurant in the City, with a few drinks in the bars after. It was perfect, nothing too crazy, romantic for valentines day and just the right amount of alcohol.

For the presents that can't be seen, my boyfriend has treated me to tickets to go see Taylor Swift in Hyde Park in the summer! I am SO excited as I've been dying to see her this year during her tour.

As I have the world most awkward birthday (everything being ten times more expensive on Valentines) we're also going away for a short weekend hotel break in March, not specifically for my birthday but as a little get away.

My parents also got me some driving lessons as I've been starting them now, and really want to drive by the Summer so I'm glad I can keep doing a few more.

Now onto the gifts above, I was after a new bag for university as I have a bag I received for Christmas, but I hate using just one bag as I feel they get tattier quicker. I asked for this gorgeous bag from River Island and its perfect. It fits a 15inch Macbook Pro if you were curious to know the sizing, which is perfect. River Island isn't really me in terms of clothing or shoes but their bags are really cute and really me which is quite strange, but I wont complain for a highstreet store! You can buy this bag here. [LINK]

I also received the 44ml value size Porefessional primer by Benefit, as I am in love with this stuff, as some of my readers may know and I definitely wont run out with this huge size tube! This is a great price too so snap it up for yourself before it runs out as its not clear if its here to stay or limited edition! [LINK]

I also needed some new straighteners, the ones I originally had were from Christmas two years ago and although they were ok, they just weren't heating up as quickly as they used to, the heat was never really as hot as it was supposed to be and although I'm not huge on using straighteners everyday, I don't like it when the ones I do use don't work. So, I asked my brother to get me some new ones, admittedly I asked for these ones I went for Lee Stafford as I haven't tried his electrical items before but liked his hair products.  These are the ones I went for, and although they have long plates as I'm still growing my hair out I thought this may be interesting to try. I've only used them once so far but will be interesting to see how they compare. [LINK]

And last of all, I received a whole supply of L'Occitane Almond Shower oil. I've only tried this in December but love it! Its one of the most luxurious products for the shower that money can buy. I have some small bottles of this but my Mum and Grandma went and got me a years supply! This oil smells really warm and honey like and then with a bit of water transforms into a gorgeous foam and leaves your skin super soft. These big refill sizes are perfect too and save you money in the long run! Win! You can find both sizes on QVC which do great L'Occitane sizes. [LINK]

I'm so grateful for all the gifts I received and treats my boyfriend has in store for us, plus driving from my parents. I'm a very lucky girl! Admittedly, it always seems more being valentines and birthday in one. Poor guy trying to do two in one!

What did your Valentine get you this year? 

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