Saturday, 7 March 2015


The winter season is possibly my worst enemy in terms of skincare. I wish I could understand how some people don't have such problems during the cold weather months. My biggest concerns are spots and dry skin, I find the drier my skin gets, the worse it gets with spots, big ones too, wah!

So after receiving some Liz Earle over Christmas, I'm back with my trusted cleanse and polish to fix every problem! I already had the other products but what's Liz Earle without the trusty C&P!

My routine consists of cleansing really thoroughly with the cleanse and polish morning and night to take all my makeup off and to cleanse the skin. The best part is that it keeps my skin soft and also mildly exfoliates to take some of the dry skin off, which is really ideal for my skin type.

I then use a sweep on a cotton pad of the Skin Tonic, which is one of the most refreshing toners I've ever used. This bottle has lasted me well over a year too which is insane as I feel like I use it all the time too! This is great to calm the skin of redness, soften the skin and remove any left over dirt. Also, perfect for any sore spots or inflammed skin, I find if a spot has just popped (admit it girls, it happens) this is perfect for sealing my pores and keeping the area clean.

I finish this with the trusty Skin Repair moisturiser which is one of the best creams I've used over the years. A no nonsense moisturiser, light but super moisturising and perfect at treating dry skin from winter winds and also great for the summer or hotter days to still calm and soothe the skin. At 50ml this does last a really long time and a little goes a long way. I'd love to finally find a serum to use with this that doesn't break me out!

As extra treats for my skin I like to try using eye creams when I can. Benefit's It's Potent eyecream is one of the best I've used in a while, it really does sooth the eye and if applied at night, the next morning there are vast results in under eye circles and smooth skin. I really love this eye cream and one day I'll get round to buying the full size!

Also as a weekly treatment, I love a good exfoliation. I think a lot of skin's problems can be solved with just having a good scrub and getting rid of the dead skin cells to reveal the fresh skin underneath. I love this scrub especially, one because it lasts a REALLY long time. And two, because it is not too gritty. I love a rough scrub for the body but for the face I think something lightweight, smooth with just a touch of grit means it can be done more regularly without too much abrasion, and this Liz Earle scrub does just that!

I like to think my skin is under control and at the moment I only get the odd (normally blooming huge) hormonal spot which nothing can really fix. I'd definitely like to get some La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo back on it to sort out the scarring and skin texture again, but that may be a little way off with a student bank account hehe!

Do you love Liz Earle as much as I do?

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