Thursday, 23 April 2015


Here on The Beauty Type I've done endless posts about the university experience but I've never really tackled the first step of university. Choosing one. Whether you're eager to get out the international side, maybe you'd prefer to stay as close to home as possible or visit the most busy town in the UK its a tough choice and one that determines a lot for you.

It's one of the hardest decisions of an 18-21-year-old. My method is not exactly one I'd recommend. Choosing university comes at a funny stage, I can't remember it exactly but I had always been the girl saying I was going to make my life in London. My college helped me do the process of choosing, and with that I mean finding every single London university and applying for a prospectus. I knew I wanted to do a Journalism BA. I knew the module code too which is handy to know when searching. 

What I didn't know and badly on my part was look at the surroundings, what is on offer, what other students have said and with open days often being far away for some people or costly. I chose City University on a whim, it was the most central university and is in the heart of London. However, I didn't look at items like housing, costs, leisure for this area. I turned up not knowing much about anything. 

Luckily for those students looking for this year, you won't be like me, with huge applause to St Mary's University, Twickenham they have created the 'Be a Part of It' campaign, which allows new students to see what it's really like. It's asking those existing or previous students to tell it as it, and say why they chose St Mary's which is ideal to suit your criteria and see if it will match. They have a range of videos to show you inside the university and find out everything you need to know about the university itself which is so valuable to create an enjoyable experience. 
For me, the student union is important as they are what creates your experience if something as accessible as a web page dedicated to the facilities such as this one [LINK] as available for every university then it would really make the choice a lot simpler. If you're really dedicated to making your experience the best you can then you can access every aspect to your needs. 

I have found my university experience hasn't been the drinking, a million best mates, a life time to remember experience. I feel like I wake to go to work everyday and all the additional homework. Maybe London wasn't for me, the expense is a HUGE burner and restricts your experience massively. But I'm happy with what I have achieved and in terms of the education it's been a fantastic choice of teachers and lessons. The facilities are top notch so really I got 2/3 of what I wanted. 

Something I will say to my own children one day when I have them, and to anyone else thinking about joining university is make it your own. Don't set your limits impossibly high but allow them to expand your experience. If you know you can't afford your means, don't go living in London. If you need luxury then think about your accommodation, all those things make a huge difference and you can't re-do it every time. Definitely check out St Mary's campaign as it will open your sights to a new way of university choosing! 

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