Wednesday, 15 April 2015


Natural is the way forward,  the beauty market is full of organic, natural or good for your skin products. But I've found one that has stumbled my skincare routine and made me ecstatic to use. The Botanicals Facial Serum in Mandarin and Chamomile (now know as white grape and avocado) is perfect for sorting out a far from perfect complexion. 

Despite the name change, the product is still the same with high precious oils and potassium to create younger looking skin, youthful appearance with a non-greasy softness to the face.  This serum is rich in avocado which according to Botanicals is 'nature's botox.' Which despite the fact I've just turned 20, I still want to have the best skin now so that when I do think about anti aging it won't be for a long time.

This yellow oil only needs around 3-4 drops in the palm of your hand. I apply it in the centre of my hand with the dropper, warm it up in my hands then breathe in the scent to relax myself before massaging my face in upward motions. I always try to promote lymphatic drainage by massaging towards my temples and with my neck upwards. This is a great way to promote healthy glows and circulation. 

This is recommended to be applied to damp skin to increase the effects too. The key ingredients and oils involved range from apricot kernel, avocado, grapeseed, rosehip, chamomile, mandarin and jojoba just to name a few. I can't put the scent on what I can smell from this oil, but it smells natural for sure. It has that flower style smell that I just can't place, I'm going to assume its the mixture of chamomile and mandarin! The botanicals range is 100% natural, 99% organic and handmade which makes this brand pretty special in what it does.

My skin has really benefited from using this oil.  I received this serum months ago but at first use was too much for my skin, however recently it's been so parched and in desperate need of sorting that this has sunk straight in.  Even on first use I noticed remarkable results, my skin was soft, clearer from blemishes and dark marks and with continual use under my moisturiser has kept dry patches in my T-Zone at bay. It is a miracle worker. I've used it continually for around a month now and even my boyfriend has been nabbing it every now and then. I couldn't recommend the brand enough, I thoroughly love this serum and would love to try more!

At £25.95 it is a little pricey for the average budget but for a handmade company, this is the perfect independent store to suit your exact needs. Plus my bottle has lasted ages, I've barely touched it yet! You can buy from their website or check out the rest of the range here [LINK]

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