Monday, 13 April 2015


That time of year has flown around again, I've finished my second year of university. Crazy hey! I have one exam left then I've a lovely (not) six month wait till my final year. I am not taking a year out and am planning on storming my last year of education then the world of work is mine. I have had a mixture of emotions and experiences in this year and although the social side has practically disappeared this year, the education has been good. If you want to catch up on my first year of university, you can find it here. [LINK]


For year two I have lived in my own flat, you can read my story for my choice to live in Essex rather than London for my second year here. [LINK] I have lived in my flat for nearly a year now and it's been a great help in commuting. My hour commute to London and back has been a lot easier in my second term due to morning lectures, my first term was a nightmare as I had loads of rush-hour trains back and forth and that was so not fun. However, I've found living in my flat, and with my boyfriend moving in with me 5 days a week has made the experience a lot easier. I've had someone to come home to, dinner cooked for me it's been a lot of fun. I will probably be living with him in Year three but we'll only be a few minutes from where I live now which shall be good and make my last year just as easy. The only real downsides are that I am not in London so some tasks can be made difficult by this but generally in year two I wasn't disadvantaged too much.


The work-load from second year is always the part that everyone says 'It only gets harder after first year'. Unfortunately it is naturally true and it can be a very big shock to the system after summer to get thrown in the deep end pretty quickly. For my course, many modules are done in ten week blocks then we swap to do another module. This year I had to do a multimedia module that was the most stressful thing I've ever done in my whole life. Luckily though it was a massive success and guess who had to be the television presenter for our final project. Looking back despite the stress the grades and self-satisfaction made it well worth it. With the swap in modules, my second half of the term has been much more relaxed and I only have one exam this year. So all in all, yes it's understandably the most stressful year (so far) but this is the year that counts so it's only natural that it requires more effort. I just know that year 3 will be the hardest thing ever so I am proud I've managed this year alone. 


For third year comes the dreaded dissertation. We get the choice between that or a final project using multimedia and the likes but I HATE that kind of work, I much prefer academic work as I feel I can put my all into that in selective chunks rather than one project that is so dependent on other factors. But that is just my way of study, some people love that kinda stuff! I also get to choose one module and then have two or three core compulsory modules. Naturally the work-load doubles again but I like to tell myself my uni year is only 20 weeks, I have managed this year and everything is possible. I can do it, even if I have a breakdown half way through! 

If you want to know anymore about my second year, then do let me know! 

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