Saturday, 30 May 2015


La Roche Posay are possibly the only brand who have catered for the skin type of 'spots, dry, oily and combination all in one.' My skin type is so all over the place, it gets hormonal spots, dry at the best of times be it too hot weather or too cold and combination mostly. I normally curb all the issues but the acne scars of my teen years always linger. 

After trying the ever so popular Effaclar Duo + I was super excited to try the new to UK shelves, Serozinc. After seeing Caroline Hirons recommend this on her blog and with the Pixiwoo sisters I knew I had to give it a go as I've been listening to her advice like a hawk. 

Effaclar Duo definitely helped balance my skin and fix some of the scarring issues I was suffering with so I was interested to see how other LRP products compared. Serozinc is a toning mist enriched with zinc sulphate, sodium chloride (astringent) and thermal spring water. Just three ingredients target blemishes, marks and oiliness ensuring skin is balanced and happy all the time! 

You can use this spray at any time of the day and over makeup, but I prefer to use it after cleansing morning and night. It seems a different concept to spray a toner on the face, but it works really well. You could spray this on a cotton pad but it uses more product in my opinion. I spray for a good couple of seconds and it covers the whole face in one spray. I let it completely sink in even though it says to wipe excess away. 

I have found that this has really improved my skin with continual use day and night and a good cleansing routine. I used to use a Zinc product from the doctors a good few years ago and it didn't really do that much for me, but this has gradually balanced my skin. It has given it a bit of brightness and lift it needed. I have found most importantly that the blackheads and redness around my nose have slightly decreased which is a godsend. I think it's really refreshing to use and help create a soft base for moisturiser and makeup. 

You can get 2 cans of this mist toner for only £10 on here [LINK] or retails for around £7-10 depending where purchased, Boots also stocks this! 

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