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For some women, body image can be a real issue. Feeling self-conscious and shy makes life hard. Simple tasks like going to the beach can become difficult. A lot of women often talk about wanting cosmetic surgery. Everyone is beautiful in their way, but sometimes you might want to make changes to your appearance. There can be many reasons why someone might undergo cosmetic surgery. It doesn’t make you vain. A cosmetic surgery can be used to alter appearances after injuries or illness. Here are some of the more common forms of cosmetic surgery:

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This is the process of removing fat from one’s body. Sometimes there are areas of fat that don’t want to disappear, no matter how much we exercise. Liposuction is a common procedure to help improve body shape. It’s also said that liposuction may have health benefits.

Breast Implants

Extremely common amongst women for various reasons. Some women have breast reconstruction surgery because they’re self-conscious about their breast size. Others have breast reconstruction surgery after suffering from illnesses, like breast cancer. The surgery involves inserting highly cohesive gel implants, to replace any tissue removed during cancer. Although not medically necessary it can give women a serious boost after their trauma.

Nose Jobs

Again, popular due to many reasons. Some people undergo nasal reconstruction surgery because they just don’t like the nose they have. Seeing as it’s such a prominent feature, having a big nose can plague havoc on some women’s minds. Another popular reason for a nose job is because of accidents. You may have broken your nose and it's left wonky and crooked. Some women turn to nose jobs to help make their nose look ‘normal’ again.

One of the reason’s cosmetic surgery is so popular, is down to the way our society thinks. We’re constantly bombarded with photoshopped images of perfect women. We live in a society where the expectations of beauty are far too high. Many young girls suffer from depression because of this. Lots of women turn to cosmetic surgery as a result. They believe they have to look as perfect as possible to fit into society.

As a result, cosmetic surgery always receives bad press. It’s assumed only rich, famous, women undergo cosmetic surgery, to look better. People see the terms ‘cosmetic surgery’ and ‘vanity’ as connected to each other. As mentioned above, this is not always the case. Some people have cosmetic surgery for personal reasons after illness or accident. It can give you peace of mind and restore confidence. Cosmetic surgery is popular among breast cancer survivors because it gives back a part of them they’ve lost. The topic of cosmetic surgery is hotly debated because there are various reasons to go through with it. I see no problem with having cosmetic surgery to fix something you’ve unfairly been given. E.g. A broken nose or the breast cancer example.

I don’t think you should look to cosmetic surgery just because you want to look better. Beauty is subjective, everyone is beautiful in someone’s eyes. There are lots of natural ways you can deal with various issues you may have. Sometimes all you need is a change in makeup. Looks aren’t everything in life, remember that. You can’t get a degree by looking good! Inner beauty is far more important than outer beauty. Sadly, we’re lead to believe the opposite.


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