I thought I’d make this look summery by taking these photos outside, but the paving slabs just didn’t really have the right effect, but let’s work with it. The sun was shining and that in itself is a wonderful surprise! So in the sunny spirit I’ve three products that have become my MUST HAVE’s this summer. I know it seems a strange selection but here me out, you don’t know what makes them magical yet!

W7 The Fixer Face Makeup Setting Spray: I found this little gem on ebay of all places, not many people have been talking about this, and it’s really surprising as it really deserves some credit. I’ve not used MAC Fix+ but this is essentially the same thing. A spray to set and perfect your makeup. Simply spray over your face with a couple of spritz’s and it will set. It takes a good few minutes until its dry and completely dry but the best part about this spray is that it perfects the look of your makeup. Sometimes makeup, especially foundation or concealer can look cakey or dry, a couple of spritzes and you’re no longer a cake face AND of course as a setting spray it makes my makeup last SO much longer. I’m really impressed with this, and the best part, under a fiver! It’s a small bottle but will last for ages! It’s only £2.98! Go Go Go!!! [LINK]

Invisi-Bobble Hair Bands: Remember being small and going swimming, tying your hair up with a horrid band and then trying to tug it out after getting your hair wet. It was torture… But not anymore. Invisi-bobbles are a real revolution and will save hair for years to come. These little plastic bobbles like spiral slinkies are to avoid those snags, to minimise the kinks some hair bands leave after a long day and to easily tie up your hair. I definitely will be taking these on my holiday for ease after a dip in the pool! These are only £3.75 so another steal! [LINK]

Lacura Cotton Pads: I know, a random one. But good cotton wool pads make the world of difference if you’ve ever used boots double sided cotton pads you’ll know the difference between them and the ones poundland sells. I think good cotton pads also make the products you’re using work better too. For instance did you know each side has a use, the smooth side is great for items like cream cleansers whereas the textured side is best for nail polish removal or toners. Anyway, onto these Aldi buys. For only 99p! You can get these amazing quality cotton pads, in a two back so 200 rounds for under £1. It’s not even that they’re cheap that makes them the best steal, it’s they’re the best quality pads I’ve ever had and I constantly keep a supply in my cupboard. Go and get them, they’re so worth it and save you the money on the pricey boots ones!

Let me know if you’re going to be buying these bargains, they’re well worth it for your summer steals!