Saturday, 27 June 2015


The one accessory that only seems to make sense to buy in the summer is sunglasses! Unless you're like my Grandma who wears her sunglasses at ANY opportunity of sunshine even snow! Specspost emailed me a few months ago (bad blogger Lisa, has been moving home, on holiday and too busy to get it all together) asking if I wanted to trial some sunglasses and I said heck yes!

Specspost is a online glasses website that allows you to trial your glasses, be it normal sight glasses or sunglasses. You can try 3 pairs on trial, see which suits your face/styles and then send them back with your normal prescription to get the best pair. 
This applies for their amazing sunglass range too - I was able to try three pairs, Lille which is the first picture which are the petite glasses- these are actually normal glasses with sunglasses tint. Specspost will tint any normal spectacles with sun tint if you like a particular style. 

The second pair is Mademoiselle Cats eye glasses which were my favourites and suited me the best, these are perfect for my small face shape, they have a real fashion-forward style of cat's eye and are great at framing the face. 

The third pair is my least favourite, they are Fleet Street two-tone glasses, they are great for the tone but the actual shape of these were my least favourite, however they had a real sturdy frame which would be ideal for anyone whose clumsy with their glasses.

With the trial, I was able to try these and see which suited me the best and give a good impression of what shape is best for my face shape, the same as in a shop too! This means you won't go purchasing the wrong product especially with it being online then you get to experience trying them on too.

I decided on the Cat's Eye glasses as they really suited me and I really liked the style - it made a nice change from my usual aviators too! As you can see they have a really fun pattern inside too!

Specspost are able to make their sunglasses into prescription too, I just went to my optician asked for my prescription which they can give to you easily enough and I was able to make my sunglasses just that bit better.

I recently used them on my holiday to Crete and they made everything so much clearer, I only use my glasses for computer work, reading or when my eyes are tired but these just help with clarity. I can't imagine using other sunglasses now! They came in a really sturdy case too!

If you want to order yourself some specspost sunnies then go get them! These were only £35 but currently on offer for £23.99 too! You can get them here [LINK]

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