Wednesday, 15 July 2015


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It’s the summertime! I love how good everyone looks at this time of year. Of course, looking good all through the summer does take a modicum of effort plus a few beauty product know-hows. I’ve been busy getting ready for the sum to come out. For all you ladies who have already had a chance to catch some rays, here is my list of beauty must-haves to stay as gorgeous as the weather:

Moisturiser - I love how my skin looks when it’s shimmering and smooth. I know if I don’t keep it hydrated it’s going to dry out and flake as soon as the sun comes out. For me, I use a different product for each problem area. I use something with some UV protection for my face. I’m finding that a good day cream is all I need. For the body, I use a general long lasting one, but something a little heavier duty for hands and feet.

Eyes - When I’m wearing sunglasses, it’s difficult to see my eyes, but I still want them to stand out. Because it’s summer, I’m wearing something shimmery with plenty of bright colours. A thick black eyeliner opens up the eye beautifully. I’m also looking for a good mascara that is waterproof, but has a healthy helping of protection in there too.

Hair - My hair is prone to drying out in the heat, so a weekly hair masque just gives it enough puff to stay soft in the summer. Ends need cutting just a little more often, but an up-do helps reduce how much it’s blown around on a windy beach.

Hair-free - Wax is the best way to stay fuzz-free the longest. Shaving is great in a hurry, but some girls get a rash out in the sun after that. For me, a good buff or exfoliant helps make any method of hair removal less messy on the skin.

Tanning - I love the colour I go naturally, but like most girls I would love my skin to be beautifully golden. I always have a good tanning lotion supply at home. That way I can go as dark as I like and have ensured my skin is healthy at the same time.

Sunscreen - Of course, when I’m out in the sun all day, it makes sense to use a heavy duty sunscreen or even sun block to ensure I’m safe. I love the ones that last through dips in the pool so I don’t have to reapply every five minutes.

Deodorant - I’m the first person to notice when I’m starting to get a bit warm, but I don’t want anyone else to know I’m sweating! In the summer, I need a deodorant that I can rely on, so I pick an antiperspirant one to keep the wetness away.

Lippy - I love bright colours in the summer and always go for the most vibrant pinks and reds. When it’s sunny, it’s sensible to choose a brand that adds UV protection to the lipstick to avoid burns or chapped lips.

The summer is the perfect time to enjoy the sun. Keep your beauty products out of the sun though, because the heat can damage them. Have fun, and stay cool.

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