Thursday, 16 July 2015


Buying makeup is a tricky art - do you buy lots of 'drug store' affordable products or do you save up and have a smaller collection of high-end department store products? My own collection is fairly big compared to most of my friends - most people have a small makeup bag of everyday products that may vary slightly. I currently own a whole box of it and sometimes wonder where it all came from! I do own a fair amount of high-end products and I have five here that I think are well worth spending just that bit more money.

I'll start with the most expensive to soften the blow - at £29.50 this is the most expensive makeup product I've owned. I didn't even spend that amount on this as I had a gift card when I bought the foundation. Estee Lauder's Double Wear Stay in Place Makeup is a best seller and highly rated foundation, it is a high coverage foundation that promises to stay and last all day. I really only wear this on big occasions where I need my foundation to last, a bad skin day or when I really want to just look my best otherwise I do turn to medium coverage foundations. Despite the price, I love this foundation, it covers every blemish, dark circle, imperfection without leaving the skin cakey or dry. This works brilliantly throughout the day and doesn't transfer either. I found MAC studio fix fluid was starting to not work on my combination dry skin whereas this foundation does. Well worth the price tag for an amazing skin day wonder product.  [LINK] 

A product that I wear every time I apply makeup that I want to last and look perfect is Benefit's Porefessional Primer and yes I own the huge limited edition size! Its actually cheaper to buy it in the bigger size here [LINK] If you're a regular reader to The Beauty Type, you'll know how much I love this stuff. Applied to the skin before makeup it creates an even base, covers and fills in pores and allows makeup to last much longer without any shine. I love it, so much so I made sure I got my hands on the big one!

One product that I feel completes my makeup is the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, [LINK]  despite the fact that in appearance it looks just an average setting powder, this is much more. At £24 it is pricey but this powder is a finely milled and baked powder that creates a natural to matte finish. I love the glow it provides to the face which is not sparkly or shimmery but completely natural. I know most setting powders are for banishing shine, this does take that oily edge off but allows it to look completely natural and not dry.  If you were to own one MAC product - make it this.

Maybe we shouldn't talk about the next product because it's so used it looks shameful to be on this post! Benefit's Hoola Bronzer is my favourite bronzer. I try and try to use other ones in my collection but nothing compares to the smooth creamy easy to blend application that Hoola provides. The colour suits me on my palest days to my tanned. At £23.50 it feels a lot to spend on a blush as it is the smallest amount of makeup you use each day but I use this every day and it's lasted around 7 months now so I couldn't recommend it more. [LINK]

And finally, I know I know, another Benefit product but this is the new to my collection. Benefit's Gimmie Brow is truly transformed my opinion on brow products. I used to HATE drawn on brows, filling them in was not my forte because being fair and blonde with darker eyebrows could look crazy. However Gimmie Brow is exactly the product for a brow newbie. I get my brows threaded/waxed every few weeks and like them to look groomed, however Gimmie Brow allows me to add depth, colour and structure without looking unnatural and allows me to create the full effect of a filled in brow without doing anymore than brushing it through. As for the colour, light/medium suits a blondie like me perfectly. I know more brands are trying to create similar products I don't think they'll gain a touch on this product. It is £18.50 so a lot, but probably for the time it lasts and how easy it is, is probably the same amount you'd spend on pencils or shadows regardless. [LINK]

What products do you think are worth their price tag?

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