Wednesday, 1 July 2015


I have become a big shoe-aholic recently. I own way too many pairs of heels and constantly nag my boyfriend to take me out so I can make good use of them! But I have found a new pair that will be taking over this summer. Holees are the new breathable, lightweight and memory foam shoe that makes walking, running or errands a real treat.

I recently saw on Rachel Coco's blog that she reviewed these shoes and just knew they were for me! I walk a lot and if I'm walking by myself I'll walk too fast for my own good resulting in shin splints and sore knees. 

Holees literally have holes through them that create the breathable part of the shoe but the memory foam and elasticated panels allow them to be extremely flexible on your feet. They reduce shock absorption which is perfect for my dodgy shins and knees! They can be used for exercise but I think I'll be wearing these for EVERYTHING. They're slip-on so easy to run out the house in and look great with jeans or a casual outfit.

Side note: I wore these to Taylor Swift in Hyde Park, they managed to last all well and clean until the exit part in which clever me managed to step in a cup of beer (yes a full cup of beer left on the ground.) As soon as I got to my hotel I washed the shoes with just water and hoped they wouldn't go funny or dry badly... Hurrah! They didn't, they wash up so so well, they return to white instantly and the memory foam doesnt change either! They dry so quickly too so I'm really impressed with that!

The best thing about these is that they only cost £24.99, and I've already enticed my boyfriends Mum into getting some for walking the dog! So can I have them in every colour now too?! 

You can buy them from Treds here [LINK] available for men, women and children too!

USE THE CODE : HOLEEMOLEE for 10% off too!! 

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