Sunday, 12 July 2015


As a student, I have to say having a routine is a tough thing to maintain especially when you're on your holiday breaks. However, I believe after having my Crete holiday it's time to keep a routine in good order and get to work, be it my part time job or working on my blog each day. I feel that if I've got months off - my blog should benefit from it wholly.

I've never been much of a morning person but once I'm up I'm ok! I wouldn't say I have a strict routine, but here it goes. I normally wake around 8/8:30, waking up before 9 is the main aim!
I shower straight away and always use my L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil, I love that I have a huge bottle of this luxurious oil shower gel, I use a good few pumps of this and it makes every shower really lovely. This stuff is great at moisturising the skin too and you feel super fresh after too!

I wash my hair every other day as it gets oily quickly and this seems to be the best way to combat the oiliness. Some days I will give it the third day but only if I'm not going out or busy as its only a day inside look I can handle haha! We have a small 3rd bedroom that acts as our 'wardrobe' room as its not big enough as a bedroom so we have wardrobes and drawers in here. Since I moved in with my boyfriend I have taken over (only a little hehe) and use it to get ready in the mornings as all my makeup and clothes are now in there.

I dry my hair, normally blow dried, after applying John Freida Frizz Ease serum and Lee Stafford hair volume mousse.  I apply this EVERY time I do my hair as it goes insane without both of them, the frizz ease helps with maintaining my hair and avoiding frizz and the mousse gives me volume I just wouldn't have otherwise! If I'm just in the house for the day I won't apply makeup but if I'm out and about I will!

Once I'm all made up for the day it's on with the work or day at hand! I have a very simple routine but if I do it another way round it never works, I prefer to get ready before breakfast and stay upstairs until I'm ready for the day! Unless I'm really tired or hungover that is!

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