Friday, 10 July 2015


Every few months Poundland brings out a selection of Rimmel, Barry M or nail polish brand products that you have to be quick to catch. Whenever I read a blog post on the selection I take a mental note to go have a look then when I go into my local store on a Saturday I quickly regret my decision. Poundland is the worst place on a Saturday afternoon - clearly bargains are in demand.

I went on a Monday to tick off my mental note and have a look... OK! I may have picked up some snacks too... Poppets were the bomb when I was a kid! ANYWAY, I had a look and besides the store's own brand makeup (that I've seen the odd review on, but personally would avoid) they also had the Rimmel packets of nail polishes, lip liners and the odd lipstick.

Stock will definitely vary depending on demand and store I'm sure, I was able to pick up the Lasting Finish Lip Liner in Rose Quartz and a Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick in Shade 32. My favourite lipstick I own is a Kate Moss lipstick so I was eager to get another. I think the shade range is amazing and the longevity of the lipstick is great.

I definitely recommend keeping an eye on the Poundland makeup range as every few months there's a bargain to be had. Plus for £1... No one can call you a hoarder at that price.. more a savvy shopper! 

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