Tuesday, 18 August 2015


Botanicals create beautiful organic products for all purposes, and today their Calming Body Lotion is the one lotion that I've found happiness with! If you suffer from dry, sensitive skin then this light lavender and tea tree lotion naturally soothes any issues no matter what skin type you have.

For £14.75 for 100ml or £21.95 for 200ml family size your buying a lotion that soothes irritation quickly. What I loved most about this lotion is that its so light and sinks in soo quickly! With 90% organic products the aloe vera, lavender and antiseptic tea tree keeps skin soft and soothed. I suffer with itchy arms often especially around my elbow and where my arm bends. It can be soo sore and get red if I itch too much. When I apply this instead of itching, the itching is gone and soothed.

This is a particularly good lotion for waxing or shaving to give a cooling effect and prevent any ingrown hairs.

I love Botanicals holistic approach to its products and creates them with simple ingredients and no false promises too!  If you suffer with itchy skin but not enough to call it eczema, or even if you have mild eczema then I couldn't recommend this enough, its just soo damn good for dry irritated skin!

You can find out more about the lotion here! [LINK]

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