Sunday, 9 August 2015


Whether you're a jetsetter or prefer miniature items especially when it comes to beauty and makeup then there's a bargain to be had. I'm sure everyone and their mothers have seen the Travelo style atomizers which are super handy for travelling to take a small bottle of your favourite scent away with you in your handbag and fitting restrictions without the risk of leaks and breakages.

I got mine for £1.05 and actually bought two so I could take two scents to travel with or have them in different places.

You just pour your perfume/body spray into the bottle, screw back up tightly and use as a normal perfume spray bottle which fits neatly into any bag or cosmetic purse. These aren't as good as the normal travelos which can take any perfume but they are great for body sprays/face mists/toners/lotion sprays and turning anything into a mini!

They come in various colours but I chose pink as it seems like the likely choice for a girlie girl like me!

You can buy yours from here [LINK] and has free delivery - bare in mind that as it is from China it could take around 2-4 weeks but mine arrived in 2 weeks so I was quite happy with the service. 

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