Sunday, 23 August 2015


Essence is found in Wilkinson stores and I was actually mind-blown how big the toilietry and makeup section is in my local store. It had extra brands you rarely see elsewhere which was a real addition. I recently started to get into doing my brows more, I don't exactly fill them in but I like to set and define them. After using Benefit's Gimmie Brow I wanted to see if I could get something that would be similar or a bit cheaper! I'd heard about Essence and wanted to give their Make Me Brow gel mascara a go! 

They do similar colours to benefit so blonde and dark. You get 3.8ml of product which sounds tiny but I scrape so much off the brush when I apply it to my brows as I don't want it too thick.

Although I'm a natural blonde my eyebrows are quite dark for a light blonde. So blonde works well for my slightly dark blonde brows but I wouldn't reccomend this for anyone with white blonde brows.

The biggest draw to this product is that it is only £2.50 which is a crazy good price. The downside is that it really isn't the same as gimmie brow, whereas Benefit's product is £18 for a product that really fills in the brows and creates extra definition by the fibres inside. This product is more of a colour definer and although it looks like theres fibres on the brush they don't seem to stick onto my brows. This is great for natural days, and I choose this as my natural makeup days or my everyday choice since Benefit's is so expensive. 

I think this is a must-have in a collection as it works as far as adding definition and setting the brows in place however if you're looking to fill in the brow, you'll need an extra product. For £2.50 I would buy this again easily, it works perfectly but there is not much of a dupe product here, this and the Benefit Gimmie brow are completely different products and should be considered in that way. 

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