Saturday, 22 August 2015


Yesterday I posted about my new project to open a shop for my planners that I have designed and made myself. You can refer to my post here [LINK] for all the information on what I have done and essentially why I did it! I was just after some feedback yesterday but already being asked for orders and so many lovely blogger friends saying it was a great idea, I just had to bite the bullet and open up!

I have made an Etsy shop with the Rainbow design planner ready for purchase! The planner is 210 x 210mm so essentially a square shape with flat lay wire binding so you can have it across your desk and see each week on two pages! You have sufficient space for your morning, day and evening appointments or decorate with stickers and washi tape to create a scrapbook-style memory book!

I feel like this is something the current planner market just doesn't supply, the US have plenty of these style books so I've created an affordable and easy to work with book that is available for all!

The planner costs £20 (plus p&p) and can be purchased here! [LINK]

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