Friday, 28 August 2015


I am a massive stationary geek. I once got asked in Ryman if I was genuinely ok because I spent half an hour choosing ONE pen. I have to buy the perfect pen for the right occasion, every note-book has its own pen and I have specific ranges for certain things. Now, I know I can't be the only weirdo about pens and stationary. So I thought since its nearly back to school (okay... for us adults it's actually the perfect time to get pens and notebooks on sale and discounted) I thought this would be the ideal time to show my favourite pens and stationary.

Biro's/writing pens are the hardest to choose in my opinion. I love a good rollerball gel pen but they are normally the most expensive but if I'm buying a pack of pens I seem to be gravitating to the Papermates at the moment. I ALWAYS go for medium nibs as I hate that scratchy feeling of thin nibs on biros.  These are the Papermate Ballpoint Sticks in medium. I found these in Ryman but seen them online and amazon [LINK] if you find these on offer then they're a really good deal.

Onto my colour pens and fineliners, I love using coloured pens when revising, planning or organising writing. I find fineliners are the best when writing notes as you can alternate and make certain points link to colours and other ideas. I am one of them writers who loves pen and paper and notes scribbled over the whole sheet. 

My favourite set is the Stabilo fineliners in this arrangement of colours. I recieved these a long time ago and they have moved house with me twice now and made sure they've had pride of place. They are such good quality and have lasted ages. I love the case and the colours are so vibrant. These again are great for planning and note writing. You can buy these here from amazon [LINK], again the type you'll see on offer at this time of year but perfect to stock up on if you love colour pens for revision and notes. 

The newest set in my collection of fineliners is the Staedtler Triplus Colour and Fineliners. These are a special pack from Ryman which I won in a twitter competition but this is the ultimate kit. You gain the regular set of fineliners that I'm sure we've all seen before but in this set you also have the larger felt pens but what I like is that they aren't like a felt pen they are more of a pen with thicker nib. You could colour in small sections in with this or highlight sections but they aren't a full colouring pen. This is perfect for drawing, colour blocks, highlighting, linking and so many uses! These are great pens and the fineliners are very similar to Stabilo but having the whole set means pens and colours can match up too. You can buy this exclusive set here! [LINK]

One set that is quite fun is the Berol Feltpens. Yes, I'm sure these all bring back childhood memories for any 90's kids! These were the classroom felt pens that we all were overjoyed at seeing because it meant we were poster making! These are the best felt pens on the market hands down, you pay more than your regular childrens felt pens but I love these. These are perfect for poster making for revision, writing larger notes up, drawing or highlighting. These are handy to have for all sorts of reasons, normally my boyfriend likes a thick pen to label things too! You can buy these here. [LINK]

Do you have a favourite pen brand? Or am I the weird one that just loves standing in Ryman inspecting them all? 

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