Sunday, 27 September 2015


I will always love Benefit products and the more products and services I try from them, the more I fall in love with them. I recently discovered their brow services and products, most importantly their Gimmie Brow.
It’s a very well known product and it’s no surprise its one of their best sellers too. Its quite an amazing product in that it just transforms your brows without much effort. The teeny brush coats your brow hairs with fibres, which transform into definition and filler to your eyebrows.  I am hopeless at filling in my brows, I am a very fair-haired blonde but my eyebrows are a very dark blonde, unfortunately I’ve not got the knack of filling them in without looking like I’ve been attacked by the scary brow society so this was a dream.

I initially heard about this after having my brows at the Benefit Brow Bar in my local Debenhams by the lovely Chloe. The girls there are SO nice and have a nice chat too, I just think their service trumps a lady in Superdrug threading brows so I’m happy to pay that bit more for a personalised service. 

Gimmie Brow is perfect at adding definition to say you’ve done your brows without heavily spending minutes on end to fill them in and add specific hairs in. If you have your brows done every month or so then this product works nicely, it creates a really defined and polished look without being too much which is ideal for us blondies too!

It seems pricey at £18.50 for this small bottle but it lasts ages and I normally scrape most of the product off my brush before I apply it anyway. It has lasted about 4 months and still going so I fully recommend it and would definitely buy it again. You can buy this from

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