Thursday, 10 September 2015


I've not been the best blogger in the last few weeks, sometimes I have huge blogging months like July where I blogged every other day. Then August isn't as busy. I end up beating myself up on it and yet opportunities come in and then I feel like I'm just taking the goods and not performing.

I'm not Zoella, I'm not Lily or Anna who can upload every day - and it's not my job to. I'm not here to be a million dollar blogger but I constantly feel like I should. I've recently created my planner business which is doing better than I expected, although with that I expected not even one sale so to have sold more than that to me is unbelievable. Then when I work hard I forget about the other big deal.

I'm starting university again soon and I'm also working a new job which takes up my time too. I basically am running four things at once, moving home and then commuting again.

Its all a bit up in the air, but somehow I'm still managing, and the best thing I've learnt from mistakes, hiccups or stressful situations is that everything has a solution. 

I've been stressed at uni before, struggling with money, wondering what I'm doing when I get stressed, wonder where friends are, need more time, been ill, but through all of them cases whether they've happened once or many times, I've got through them. Today I'm still doing good - I have more than a lot of people I'm sure so today I've decided to stop being stressed at myself for things I can't control. 

I can fix everything eventually, if I can't then I just let it go and onto the next adventure! 
Plus, I have a dissertation this year, I can't not get it right ha!

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