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If you’re a beauty enthusiast, this is the perfect post for you! Here, I’m going to talk about some of the makeup must haves that you should have. They all make a huge difference to your finished makeup look, so they’re essentials in my eyes.

Quality Brushes/Sponges

I used to be one of those girls that thought my fingers were enough to apply my makeup and make it look perfect. While there was nothing really ‘wrong’ with this, I’ve since invested in some quality brushes and sponges. They make all the difference! They help products to go on so much better, and you can see a clear difference in how natural the makeup looks. Many tools allow you to get a professional finish, so they are so worth the investment!


I just love a good primer, and it amazes me how many people don’t use one. You need to use a primer before you apply your base, so that you can ensure it stays on all day long. A good primer will also mattify your skin and hide your pores. It blurs imperfections perfectly, making your job a lot easier!

BB Cream

I love my BB cream, and often wear it in place of foundation. It’s perfect for day to day wear and when I’m having a good skin day. There’s no need to wear a full coverage foundation if your skin looks great already. I get mine from places like http://chichicosmetics.com/face/super-bb-cream.

An illuminating Powder

Illuminating powder is perfect for skin that looks a little dull. It can help to set foundation too. Not only will your makeup last longer, you’ll get a more dewy, glowing finish that people will love! It looks great in pictures too.

A Contour Kit

A contour kit is like surgery in a pallette. You can change the entire shape of your face by contouring it just right! Make sure the colours you buy are suited to you, and you blend until it looks completely natural. Some people get it so right, while others get it so wrong. Practice makes perfect!

A Good Brow Product

Everybody is going mad over brows. So much so, that they’re doing everything they can to thicken them up. Even using product that’s too dark for them, and drawing them on way too thick. The goal is to make them look thicker naturally. You don’t want people to tell that they’re not your real brows! When you’ve got this down, they’re perfect for everyday makeup.

An Eyelash Curler

Eyelash curlers are so underrated. They make lashes look so much longer and curlier, and really help to open up the eye. I think they make a massive difference right before you apply mascara. You can buy heated versions, but I usually heat mine with a hairdryer for a few seconds before using it. Just don’t burn yourself!

I hope you love the suggestions in this post and find them useful. Leave a comment if you think I’ve missed anything!

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